Growing JBI Family

I did not expect to start any new construction projects this late in the year but several things including the soon arrival of a new baby made this project a bit more urgent. So we launched into a partial renovation of the old teacher’s house today. It is late at night and I (Lori) just found some more termite mud in my hair. The work crew took out some ceiling panels this morning and found…yes, unfortunately, it was termites…so I was up on the ladder poking my head through some tight purlings to evaluate the sad condition of things.

Anyway, this lovely family, Kiel and Faith Maimai, have a sweet little boy Harry Joshua and he is soon to have a baby brother or sister. They have been living in a guest apartment for several years and need a regular house. We are happy to have a campus house for them, but it has not been lived in for about 4 years because it needs repair. Pastor Kiel is the JBI Dean of Students and full-time teacher.


The house has obviously been added on to over the years but nothing was ever quite finished. I’ll spare you the photos but we ripped out the only bathroom today. The house will also need to be rewired as the electrical wires were a real rat’s nest in the attic.

Would you please consider a gift towards the renovation of this campus house. We have about 5 weeks of work ahead of us and I need about $5000. The JBI campus project number is 5619. Thank you.

The New House

local scaffoldingI thought it was time to update the progress on the missionary house being built on the JBI campus. Lori has been overseeing this project all year from the building permits, the site excavation, to the day to day purchasing and construction progress. It has been a physically demanding project for her as it follows two other construction projects (JBI classroom and married dorm) she coordinated.

We had several weeks of rainy weather  in November which really delayed the roofing stage. The metal roof is now on and the roof structure is well-strapped due to frequent hurricanes.

JBI missionary residence

roof structure

Avia plastering

This month we set the water pipes and electrical conduit before the inside walls could be plastered. The plastering has taken a couple of weeks but only doorways and window frames remain to be finished after the Christmas break. The guys have really worked hard.

The list of things to finish still seems very long at this point.

In all this progress, we found out that our landlord wants us to move out before the end of January. The new house will not be ready by then. Staying longer in our rental is not an option as the landlord plans to live in the house himself. So it looks like we will be moving to the school apartment and camping out for a while. As soon as we can get the house livable, we need to move in!

Secondly, all the financing for the house so far, has come from a mission housing loan and a donation from ActioNow but it is becoming apparent that we do not have enough funds to complete it. We need windows, utility hookup, septic tank, light fixtures, closets, kitchen cabinets and worker’s wages.

This house is very important to us in so many ways. We have served at JBI since 2007 but have been unable to live on campus. Living elsewhere requires a lot of commuting and distances us from the JBI community. Secondly, rental houses are very expensive here and as our monthly support decreases the need for cheaper housing has increased.

Would you be able to help us with a special offering to complete this house? The project number is 5677. Thank you so much for your help!



In order to connect the new JBI house with city power and water, we have to dig a 721 feet (220 meters) trench all the way down to the main road. Then lay that length of electrical cable and water pipes down the hill. When everything is finished the utility company will install the new utility meter. Several people have put their shoulders to the shovel and worked long hours on it. There are a couple of places where we will have to rent a jackhammer to break up the hard coral rock but the work is coming along nicely.

We did not plan for the expense of this new trench, the 220m electric cable nor the 220m of water pipes in our building budget. A donation has been made from friends in Michigan but it looks like we will still need about $2300 to finish. Any help is appreciated!

Project 5677

Mission House Update


The weather has been great and we have made much progress on the mission house. I thought I should post some pictures to give you a look. The foundation was very time-consuming and labor intensive and the rainy weather did not help. The weather cleared and on the 5th of August the ready mix cement trucks were able to get up the hill and we poured the floor slab. Since then we have doing the block work and the electrical conduits. It is really starting to look like a house and the kids have already claimed their bedrooms! We have about 4 more months of hard work before we can move in.

pouring slabslab finished

walls going upside view

The carport (below) is really coming along. There is no other garage on campus so we will not only have a place for our car but also for the old campus pick-up truck. The room in the back will be of dual purpose as a workshop and a storage for the literature we produce & distribute. The corrugated metal roofing has been ordered and should be installed this next week.

front corner of house and carportcarport

Married Dorm Dedicated

The Assemblies of God Executive Committee are on campus for their bi-annual meeting this week. So we had a dedication prayer and ribbon cutting for the new married dorm followed by a nice dinner in the school cafeteria. The new building was complete except for the exterior paint. We are so grateful to all those who contributed to the completion of this project. It would never have been completed without the very generous donations from many missionary friends, including retired and short term. Thank you to everyone!

P7181133Cutting the ribbon

JBI Missionary Residence Construction

On April 12, we broke ground for the missionary house on the JBI campus. This was a very exciting event as we are building a house which we will actually live in. Living in community on campus has always been our desire.

Mission houseExcavating

excavatingDigging trenches

As soon as I had the building permit in hand, the guys started to clear the site. We are building at the top of the hill on a site which was excavated years ago for a mission house but never built. A big thank you to Graeme, an engineer, who answered my SOS over his lunch hour and gave me some expert advice and reassurance on the site elevations. Due to the varying elevations the site needed further excavation work. Then the guys spent 2 weeks with a jackhammer breaking through the solid coral stone to make foundation trenches. That was not a pleasant job and everyone was glad to get it done!

more diggingtrenches

Finally, on Friday, May 30, the ready mix cement trucks started coming up the hill and dumping cement into the trenches. The first cement truck got up the hill without a hitch but then it started to pour rain and we spent most of the next 7 hours trying to get the next four cement trucks up and down the hill! The last cement truck had to be unloaded by the wheelbarrow full, with the guys racing up the hill with wheelbarrows and dumping the wet cement into the trenches. It was a grueling day and there are still scars on the school flower beds and lawns as a reminder as to how dangerous a sliding cement truck, with bald tires on wet grass can be!

cement truckwheelbarrow brigade

poured trenchesfoundation

We are now building the foundation walls and getting ready to pour the floor. Hoping for a week of sunshine so we can get a lot done!

We are not fundraising for the house as we currently have funding from AGWM and ActioNow for the main construction. We may need help with finances for the utility hookups and some inside finishing work. We are very thankful to be moving ahead with this project and look forward to moving into the house around the end of the year.

Do You See What I See?

Feb 22, 2013 married dorm

Do you see what I see?

I see a building which has sprung up since November and seems like a mirage on campus…but it is really a marvelous testimony to God’s Provision. Little by little we keep progressing and praying. Generous friends have sent gifts and together they have enabled us to get this far. We have totally run out of funds but…

Soon I see married students who will be in these rooms. Wives who have never been to JBI before, now living, working, studying, and worshipping with us. It’s going to be wonderful!

Thank you.

Married Dorm Progress

I have borrowed a camera as my “less than a year old” camera has gone back to the manufacturer as it is not working properly. A month ago, I talked to the guys on Friday and told them to pray because we would have to shut down the project in a couple of days if we did not receive any money.


We were so blessed to receive a couple of offerings which really helped us to continue. I am happy to report that the metal roof is now completely on and some of the plumbing and electrical wiring is being installed. Peter is also putting tile in the bathrooms.

Pastor Mendar (below) who is helping us out for a couple more weeks, is recouping leftover lumber and building 3 bed frames and built-in closets for each room. Which leaves us just having to buy mattresses. He has been such a blessing!


We are out of funds (again) but have made great progress. We basically need windows, 6 doors, plumbing fixtures and money for workers wages.

The new JBI school term starts March 4th and if funds are available, we hope to have this building finished very soon. All gifts welcome.

Married Dorm Wish List

Flowers 367You know how when people are going to get married they go and look at lovely things in a store and sign up on the gift registry?

Well, I have a married dorm building which is not yet finished and looking quite undone at this moment. Classes start on March 8th and I need the rooms ready by then for married students. The leap of faith to finish this building started in November and has been moving along until the bottom of the building fund account has now appeared!

So I thought I would put out my Married Dorm Wish List and if anyone would like to gift us any of these things items, well, that would be just wonderful!!

Married Dorm Wish List

3 toilets @ $200 each ($600)

3 sinks @ $120 each ($360)

1 Cement laundry sink @ $150

3 double mattresses @ $150 each ($450)

6 chairs @ $20 each ($120)

3 small tables @ $50 each ($150)

Plumbing fixtures @ $500 total

Bathroom tile – not priced at this time but we have to tile cement walls.


You can make an online donation here or send a check to our US account labeled project 5619.

Showdown in the Library

Pastor MendarIn Vanuatu, we have voracious termites, frequent cyclones and earthquakes which damage property. There are some tropical pests which are almost impossible to eradicate. A multitude of invisible wood bores moved into our plywood library shelves a few years ago and began to devour them. A professional fumigator came in and the wood bores still thrived. We fought back by injecting poison into the wood cracks with a syringe. We tried several poisons over a period of time and still they continued to destroy our shelves.  Last year the shelves began to sag and the bugs finally won!

Pastor Mendar (a JBI grad) is in town for a few months and has built new library bookshelves out of treated pine. The library is now ready for another school year and we are so grateful for his skills and assistance.

Married Dorm Update

Within a few days the married dorm building may stop for a while as we have run out of funds. I wanted to show you what has happened recently and how much progress has been made. Students arrive for classes March 8th and we really want to have this finished for 3 married couples. We have no other campus housing for married students.

Avia plastering the back wallporch

All the interior and exterior walls are being plastered.

Room with private bathroom - right side

This is one of the studio rooms. Private bath through door on the left.


The sky was really this blue today!! Gorgeous! NEED MONEY FOR METAL ROOF!

Front of buildingrear of building

Photo (left) is the front porch of the building and on the right is the rearview.

Married dorm behind chapel

The married dorm sits behind the JBI Chapel. Pray with us that funds will come in to finish it quickly!

Thank you for making your tax deductible contribution here.

Construction Update

Well, tomorrow is the last day the guys are going to work (and hence myself) until after January 1st. The work is progressing nicely. This photo was taken a couple of days ago and all the rafters and purlings are in. The bonding beam around the verandah will be poured tomorrow. I think the married students better get their names on the waiting list…only three apartments available!


The Difference a Month Can Make

On November 5, 2012, Pastor Peter (‘07 JBI Grad) and David started working with me to make something useful out of a small half-finished room attached to a larger unfinished foundation. This building was started before we came to JBI in 2007 and had never been finished. The original purpose of the building had been debated but one thing was certain, it needed to be finished. The topsoil in the foundation area had even been used for a couple of years as a vegetable garden. I found this photo of Jeremy standing among the cabbages planted in the unfinished foundation in 2008!


One difficulty we have seen over and over again with our married JBI students, is a spouse having to come alone to Port Vila to study. This separation is especially hard on the wife and children left on outer islands having to subsist alone while the husband is away for 9 months at a time. But renting a room in the city or bunking in with relatives is rarely an option for our married students. On campus we provide dorms for both single men and women but no married accommodations.

A special offering of $5000 towards married housing earlier this year caused us to look for a solution and focus again on this unfinished building…the only one on campus. So recently a decision was made to finish this building and make 3 studio apartments for married couples before school starts again in 2013.

Start in Nov 2012walls Nov 2012

posts pouredbonding beam

So the past month has made an amazing difference in transforming an unfinished foundation into three studio apartments!

We have spent the $5000 gift and now need more funds to finish the rest. The next costly item will be the purchasing of metal roofing. Then we will need money for bathroom fixtures, 3 double beds, tables, chairs and closets for each apartment.

This building is a continuation of Project 5619 construction at Joy Bible Institute. If you would like to make a donation towards this project you may do so here. Thank you so much for your continued support of the school!

Married Students Housing Under Construction


A few years ago this unfinished building foundation was full of cabbages, peanuts and tomato plants. The guesthouse project started by our predecessor has remained unfinished for quite some time. We have desired to slightly alter the plans and make three studio apartments for married couples with it. Married couples’ accommodation is really what the school needs. Renting a room in town is rarely an option for our married students because they come to JBI without guaranteed funds. So often, wives have to remain back on home islands while husbands come to Bible school for three years of study.

Nov 5, 2012

This past Monday, November 5th, we hired a work crew and they cleaned out the weeds and cut down the papaya tree growing in the middle of the floor (photo above). Since then, the guys have continued working and I have been purchasing cement blocks, bags of cement, sand, coral and rebar. An unexpected offering has allowed us to begin the completion of this building but we have a long way to go.

Nov 9, 2012

As of today, Friday, November 9th, this photo shows our progress, plumbing pipes set, and additional foundation footings. Everything is ready for the floor to be poured on Monday! We are so excited to be on our way to providing rooms next year for three married couples. If you would like to help us with this building, please send all gifts to our account, labeled project 5619.

Campus Improvements

retaining wall JBI


Small projects around the new JBI classroom building have continued. On one side of the classroom building, a new retaining wall was built to stop erosion and flooding from the hillside above. Pastor Peter Avock ‘07 JBI Grad, returned for a few weeks to build it.

Fijian friendThe final coat of paint is now on the new classroom building. A team of young people from the country of Fiji have been on a mission trip to Vanuatu and surprised us with an offer to do some practical work. So they came for several mornings and painted for us! The stone retaining wall along the front was painstakingly built by the JBI students. And though there is some more landscaping to do, we are almost done!

2012 JBI Classroom