2016-2017 Special Projects

Just wanted to update the information on our current projects. All financial gifts may be sent to our Assemblies of God World Mission account, and please be sure to designate with the project name and number.

Married Student Housing at Joy Bible Institute – Project #5764 – $15,000 each house


IMG_9218JBI married house 

We have completed the first student house on the new property and a student and his family have moved in! We plan to build 7 more small houses on this property.  Our students are often from distant islands and they need to bring their families to Bible school with them. Will you help us?

About $15,000 will build a small one bedroom house for a student family.

CYCLONE PAM REBUILD – Green Hill Elementary School – Project #5778 – $45,000 School Building



One hundred forty-three children were left without classrooms to study in when Cyclone Pam completely blew away their school in March 2015. Green Hill Primary School was started by Joy Bible Institute graduate, Pastor Charley Job, and is the only school in that remote farming community. We have been partnering with them to rebuild their school and need your help to complete the job.

We are currently raising $45,000 to build a simple three room classroom building for grades 4 to 6.

CYCLONE PAM – Small Village Church Rebuilding Assistance – $5000 each



Pastor John Yalsi and his wife stand in front of the ruins of their small Assembly of God church. They pastor in a small farming community in the hills of Teouma. Pastor Yalsi and his wife grow vegetables and sell them in the market in Port Vila to support themselves.

Cyclone Pam completely destroyed their church, village and gardens. The cost of replacing this partial concrete building is beyond their means. Would you join with us to help rebuild this church and several others?

60 AG churches were either totally destroyed or damaged from Cyclone Pam on March 13, 2015.

Joy Bible Institute AGWM Acct # 541772 – Cyclone Repairs



The Joy Bible Institute had many buildings damaged and roofs blown off from Cyclone Pam. Much of the campus has been repaired but not everything. Funds have run out and we still need to repair the school chapel and the pile of rubble in the foreground of the photo above was a storage building and carport. We need funds in order to repair and replace the facilities we have lost.

Any offering to the Joy Bible Account AGWM #541772 would help us to continue repairing the cyclone damaged buildings on the Bible school campus.

Lakeview Church Construction Team

On July 31, David and Carl arrived from Indianapolis, IN (USA) to spend two weeks on campus helping with post-cyclone repairs. They did a lot of different things from building rails for the administrative building porch, to laying cement blocks, demolition, and new framing on the damaged staff house. We are so thankful for their willingness to just come and help out wherever they were needed. Thank you also to Lakeview Church, Indianapolis, for their generous gift to rebuilding the JBI campus!

IMG_1885 IMG_2760

IMG_2835 IMG_2875

We are hoping you will come again!

JBI Girl’s Dorm Repairs

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed towards repairing the JBI campus after Cyclone Pam. We were able to buy new metal roofing and timber, and order cyclone screws and brackets from Australia because of your donations.

Girl's dorm kitchen areaAs funds and building materials became available, we were able to gather a local work crew to start repairs on the urgently needed girl’s dorm. The girl students have stayed in several different places on campus in the last couple of months as their dorm was inhabitable. They are anxious to get back in their own rooms.

MAPS volunteer, Colton Cravatt, joined us on May 8, to help build. He is on his summer break from Ozark Bible Institute.

There was a lot of debris to clean out of the damaged upper floor of the girl’s dorm. Part of the kitchen and living room roof was totally blown away by the cyclone. The rusty metal roof sitting in the kitchen area did not even belong to that building or any other building on campus from what I can tell! (see photo above).

The blue kitchen cupboards are not salvageable, water damage has completely ruined the MDF. The solid wood countertops will be sanded down and re-varnished to use on the new cupboards which will be made locally.

Jerry Jacob and Colton CravattCleaning out damaged kitchen








New timber roof structure was added as the roof was replaced. Cyclone strapping, brackets, and special screws were used to insure this roof will withstand the next cyclone. As sections of the new roof were finished, the electrician ran new electrical cables. New ceilings were needed everywhere as the old drop ceiling panels were whipped to pieces. The new plywood ceiling is being completed this week and energy-saving LED lights will be installed. The electrical wiring and light fixtures had really needed updating so this is a real bonus.

Girl's sitting area electrician at work

Replacing the dorm roof

May JBI Rebuilding Update

It is hard to believe that it is already 2 months since Cyclone Pam ravaged the central and southern islands of Vanuatu. I wish I could tell you that things are back to normal, but that is not the case. For many people rebuilding has not even started. Families are still in makeshift shelters or roofs still covered in tarps. It has only been in very recent days that fresh vegetable stalls are reopening. The produce is limited to a couple fast-growing crops like green beans and Bok Choy cabbage. But it is encouraging to see that the farmers are beginning to have a small income and we have a few vegetable options.

At JBI, about 3 weeks after the cyclone, we were able to get several sheets of iron roofing to fix a couple of roofs with minor damages. As the weeks progressed, building materials got harder to find and the waiting list for lumber and roofing materials got longer. Nails, screws and other basic supplies disappeared from the hardware shelves. Many of these things, we have had to specially order now.

While we waited, the open roofs allowed rain to continue to pour in and cause more damage. It was a frustrating time as we only had enough tarp to cover one building and three others were left open to the elements.

A big thank you to Steve and Helen Blake for giving us enough roof canvas material donated by an Australian company, Wax Converters Textiles WCT, to cover up our remaining damaged buildings.

Bruan and Michael stapling canvas  Chapel crew putting canvas over  damaged roof Canvas on girl's dorm

The JBI students have gone beyond the call of duty this term and worked so hard to cut up the fallen trees, cover campus roofs, relocate to smaller rooms, and distribute relief food.

Iron roof deliveryAfter a month of waiting, on May 9th, we received the roofing to fix the girl’s dorm and the guy’s bathroom/workshop building. The cyclone roofing screws arrived a couple days later so the work could begin. So a small crew has been busy taking the remaining roof of the girl’s dorm off, replacing broken rafters and purling before putting on the new roof. We are very happy to have some unexpected help from Colton Cravatt from the USA.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in special offerings to help us repair the damage. We have received about 25% of what we need to rebuild. If you would like to give towards rebuilding: please label your gift Project #5619 and send to our AGWM account.

Cyclone Pam Destruction

girl's dorm - cyclone Pam

Joy Bible Institute was heavily damaged by Cyclone Pam. This is a photo of the girl’s dorm lounge and kitchen. The roof blew off and fell inside. Torrential rains poured in and flooded the whole house. The ground floor of this building is the school’s library which was in turn flooded. Water was ankle deep in the library after the storm. We do not know if any of the 3000 library books or furniture will be salvageable.

boy's laundry - cyclone Pam

The roof of the boy’s bathhouse, laundry and workshop was totally blown away.

girl's dorm - missing carport

This is a picture of the girl’s dorm (above) on the left and a pile of rubble on the right. That rubble used to be a very nice storage shed for tools and a carport where the girls hung their laundry. The windows are still boarded up as Cyclone Nathan on the Australian coast was forecast to possibly pass through Vanuatu this week.

admin flat - cyclone Pam

At the school’s administrative office and guestroom, two large trees fell on the building. On the front side, the roof is very damaged and a lot of water also went into the rooms. Visiting teacher, Maurice Nicholson and his son Ian, were sheltering here during the storm. We thank the Lord for protecting them.


Kiel's house -cyclone Pam

On the left is a picture of our Dean of Students house which we just finished renovating in December 2014. New electrical wiring and light fixtures were installed. The bathroom was gutted and redone, new kitchen cupboard added, paint and flooring.

Unfortunately, the cyclone took off the  front half of the roof and water soaked through the ceiling and it collapsed inward. Furniture was also ruined. Another section of the roof went off in the master bedroom.

Pastor Kiel and his wife had a daughter born just a few days before the cyclone hit. They were in this house with their two children and our female JBI students sheltering from the storm when the roof went off. As the high winds were thrashing things inside the house, they ran out through the night to another building for shelter. That is an extremely dangerous thing to do, as flying objects are what often kill people during cyclones. Again we thank God for his protection over them. We are so thankful that the baby was born just before the cyclone arrived as the maternity ward at the city hospital is now damaged and closed.

JBI Chapel - cyclone Pam

The porch roof on the Joy Memorial Chapel was ripped off also. The rest of the roof did not fly away though. Thank you to Michael who came and replaced the steel cables which hold the roof down to the ground a few months ago. Without the new cables, I think the whole roof would have come off.

The three newest concrete buildings to the campus; the classrooms, the married dorm, and the new mission house, all survived the storm. They have some water damage and some buckled roof ridging but all in all they held remarkably well in the face of winds of 320kmph. The students took refuge in one of the classrooms and another teacher and his family camped out in the other.

Old classroom - cyclone PamIn the photo to the left, you can see a tree branch which has pierced the siding of the old classroom building.


There is a lot of school equipment and furniture that has been damaged by the flooding. We do not have a list of everything which we will need to be replaced. We are so grateful to Tony for taking pictures of the damage for us. We are still in the USA and due to return to Vanuatu on March 28.

At this point, we estimate needing at least US$150,000 to begin to adequately replace the things we have mentioned in this article. Thank you for considering the needs of Joy Bible Institute.

Update: Growing JBI Family

LivingroomRenovations have continued to progress on the old staff house. It has given us a few surprises and a few extra expenses along the way.

At this point, I am happy to say it is almost finished, though we are about $1000 over budget.

An electrician rewired and installed new recessed LED lights and switches.Bathroom The bathroom was torn out, opened up and tiled. All new bathroom fixtures were installed too. Extra kitchen cupboards have been built. Now we are at the painting stage. The inside has already been done and the outside will be done this week. Everything should be completed in time for Christmas.

Growing JBI Family

I did not expect to start any new construction projects this late in the year but several things including the soon arrival of a new baby made this project a bit more urgent. So we launched into a partial renovation of the old teacher’s house today. It is late at night and I (Lori) just found some more termite mud in my hair. The work crew took out some ceiling panels this morning and found…yes, unfortunately, it was termites…so I was up on the ladder poking my head through some tight purlings to evaluate the sad condition of things.

Anyway, this lovely family, Kiel and Faith Maimai, have a sweet little boy Harry Joshua and he is soon to have a baby brother or sister. They have been living in a guest apartment for several years and need a regular house. We are happy to have a campus house for them, but it has not been lived in for about 4 years because it needs repair. Pastor Kiel is the JBI Dean of Students and full-time teacher.


The house has obviously been added on to over the years but nothing was ever quite finished. I’ll spare you the photos but we ripped out the only bathroom today. The house will also need to be rewired as the electrical wires were a real rat’s nest in the attic.

Would you please consider a gift towards the renovation of this campus house. We have about 5 weeks of work ahead of us and I need about $5000. The JBI campus project number is 5619. Thank you.

Chapel Roof Repairs

A big THANK YOU to friends at Bendigo AOG church for financing the repairs on the JBI chapel verandah roof. The metal roofing, the ceiling plywood and water damaged beams have all been replaced. The repairs should be finished tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!


Showdown in the Library

Pastor MendarIn Vanuatu, we have voracious termites, frequent cyclones and earthquakes which damage property. There are some tropical pests which are almost impossible to eradicate. A multitude of invisible wood bores moved into our plywood library shelves a few years ago and began to devour them. A professional fumigator came in and the wood bores still thrived. We fought back by injecting poison into the wood cracks with a syringe. We tried several poisons over a period of time and still they continued to destroy our shelves.  Last year the shelves began to sag and the bugs finally won!

Pastor Mendar (a JBI grad) is in town for a few months and has built new library bookshelves out of treated pine. The library is now ready for another school year and we are so grateful for his skills and assistance.

Married Dorm Update

Within a few days the married dorm building may stop for a while as we have run out of funds. I wanted to show you what has happened recently and how much progress has been made. Students arrive for classes March 8th and we really want to have this finished for 3 married couples. We have no other campus housing for married students.

Avia plastering the back wallporch

All the interior and exterior walls are being plastered.

Room with private bathroom - right side

This is one of the studio rooms. Private bath through door on the left.


The sky was really this blue today!! Gorgeous! NEED MONEY FOR METAL ROOF!

Front of buildingrear of building

Photo (left) is the front porch of the building and on the right is the rearview.

Married dorm behind chapel

The married dorm sits behind the JBI Chapel. Pray with us that funds will come in to finish it quickly!

Thank you for making your tax deductible contribution here.


PC124435It is always such an encouragement when someone writes and says they are coming to Vanuatu for a holiday and would like to help out on campus for a day! Last week the Gregson family from Australia did just that. They came and joyfully did some very dirty cleanup jobs and maintenance at JBI for us. We enjoyed meeting them and cannot thank them enough for their help when they could have been sightseeing or swimming at the beach! Blessings!

The Difference a Month Can Make

On November 5, 2012, Pastor Peter (‘07 JBI Grad) and David started working with me to make something useful out of a small half-finished room attached to a larger unfinished foundation. This building was started before we came to JBI in 2007 and had never been finished. The original purpose of the building had been debated but one thing was certain, it needed to be finished. The topsoil in the foundation area had even been used for a couple of years as a vegetable garden. I found this photo of Jeremy standing among the cabbages planted in the unfinished foundation in 2008!


One difficulty we have seen over and over again with our married JBI students, is a spouse having to come alone to Port Vila to study. This separation is especially hard on the wife and children left on outer islands having to subsist alone while the husband is away for 9 months at a time. But renting a room in the city or bunking in with relatives is rarely an option for our married students. On campus we provide dorms for both single men and women but no married accommodations.

A special offering of $5000 towards married housing earlier this year caused us to look for a solution and focus again on this unfinished building…the only one on campus. So recently a decision was made to finish this building and make 3 studio apartments for married couples before school starts again in 2013.

Start in Nov 2012walls Nov 2012

posts pouredbonding beam

So the past month has made an amazing difference in transforming an unfinished foundation into three studio apartments!

We have spent the $5000 gift and now need more funds to finish the rest. The next costly item will be the purchasing of metal roofing. Then we will need money for bathroom fixtures, 3 double beds, tables, chairs and closets for each apartment.

This building is a continuation of Project 5619 construction at Joy Bible Institute. If you would like to make a donation towards this project you may do so here. Thank you so much for your continued support of the school!

Married Students Housing Under Construction


A few years ago this unfinished building foundation was full of cabbages, peanuts and tomato plants. The guesthouse project started by our predecessor has remained unfinished for quite some time. We have desired to slightly alter the plans and make three studio apartments for married couples with it. Married couples’ accommodation is really what the school needs. Renting a room in town is rarely an option for our married students because they come to JBI without guaranteed funds. So often, wives have to remain back on home islands while husbands come to Bible school for three years of study.

Nov 5, 2012

This past Monday, November 5th, we hired a work crew and they cleaned out the weeds and cut down the papaya tree growing in the middle of the floor (photo above). Since then, the guys have continued working and I have been purchasing cement blocks, bags of cement, sand, coral and rebar. An unexpected offering has allowed us to begin the completion of this building but we have a long way to go.

Nov 9, 2012

As of today, Friday, November 9th, this photo shows our progress, plumbing pipes set, and additional foundation footings. Everything is ready for the floor to be poured on Monday! We are so excited to be on our way to providing rooms next year for three married couples. If you would like to help us with this building, please send all gifts to our account, labeled project 5619.

Campus Transformations

As I mentioned in a previous post, the ladies from New Life Church in Kokomo, Indiana, did so many wonderful transformations around campus. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of their handiwork. First of all, the back room of the chapel had been used for quite sometime as a storage area but we had wanted to see it cleaned out and used as a prayer room. Well, it was transformed from a dingy room to a lovely prayer retreat.

Planning the transformationJenni scraping the floor

Marilyn paintingJoy the seamstressDesign TeamNew Prayer Room

Next they tackled Gary’s new office. The stark white walls and bright blue trim were repainted in cream and brown. The girls moved all his office furniture and bookshelves from his old office to the new one. This was such an unexpected and welcomed surprise! We have been so busy since taking over in January that we have not had time to do these things! The campus pastor’s office and Gary’s former office were also painted and fixed up! Thanks so much ladies, you made quite a difference on campus!!

Marilyn setting up Gary's new officeJenni and Emily arranging the bookshelves

Kitchen: Almost Finished

Thank you! We have the new roof installed on the student kitchen and paid for! Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our request for $7,400 on May 13th. Only a $1,000 more is needed to completely pay for this new kitchen.

New white metal roof on JBI kitchenNew JBI student kitchen

Gary is standing on the hill above the kitchen which gives a good view of the new metal kitchen roof (and the rusty cafeteria roof in the background). The new cement floor was poured since the photo above right. The finishing touches on plumbing, electrical wiring and the chimney are the only things remaining to be done! Thank you so much to everyone who has given sacrificially over the months to complete this new kitchen for the Bible school students!