Showdown in the Library

Pastor MendarIn Vanuatu, we have voracious termites, frequent cyclones and earthquakes which damage property. There are some tropical pests which are almost impossible to eradicate. A multitude of invisible wood bores moved into our plywood library shelves a few years ago and began to devour them. A professional fumigator came in and the wood bores still thrived. We fought back by injecting poison into the wood cracks with a syringe. We tried several poisons over a period of time and still they continued to destroy our shelves.  Last year the shelves began to sag and the bugs finally won!

Pastor Mendar (a JBI grad) is in town for a few months and has built new library bookshelves out of treated pine. The library is now ready for another school year and we are so grateful for his skills and assistance.

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