First 2019 JBI School Term Finished!


One Down and Two to Go!

We have just finished the first school term at Joy Bible Institute where we are training the next generation of pastors for Vanuatu and beyond. One down and two to go for 2019!

It is interesting that we now have some older men who have enrolled in the three-year pastors training program. They want to make the rest of their lives count for Christ. One was a teacher, two were police officers from different parts of the country, another a business man, and another a leader in his village.

Of course, most of our students are younger. One of our students graduated early and returned last week to his home island of Ambrym to work with Wycliffe Bible translators (SIL) to help translate the Bible into his language.

Sande Skul Seminar: Team-Teaching with Students

After Lori translated and published “Sunday School Lessons in Bislama – Book Two,” a local church asked her to conduct a seminar for their Sunday School teachers. Within a week, three more churches asked for her help. So she decided to team up with five of her Christian Education students to teach the seminar for all the churches. Over 60 people attended and all five future pastors did an excellent job.

Screenshot at Jul 13 11-52-58.png

“Preach the Word”


Whether it’s in a local church (as in this photo) or in a series on the Book of Revelation at Joy Bible Institute, I am always grateful for the privilege of opening the Word of God. Our mission is to train up a generation of pastors who will faithfully open the Scriptures to strengthen the church


So why do they call it “Green Hill”?

Green Hill.png

In 2015, category 5 Cyclone Pam destroyed Green Hill Elementary school (which is located in a very remote area on top of a very green hill where all the students wear… green).

The school was started by our 1998 Joy Bible Institute graduate Pastor Charley Job. After graduating, he and his wife felt called to go to the remote subsistence farming community of Green Hill to start a church. About 12 years ago, when their young boys became school age, Charley and his wife saw the need for their education and a Christian school. So they started one! Today some 140 children attend Green Hill Primary School, many of them walking long distances to get an education. Just like in the “good old days.”

Since March 2015, Lori has been raising funds to rebuild the school after its destruction by Cyclone Pam. A third building, funded almost entirely by BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge), is nearing completion.


In May we were blessed to have a wonderful team from Southeastern University (Assemblies of God). The 12 member team ministered in our churches, at youth rallies, in all three Port Vila prisons, and to “top it off” on Green Hill.

So what to pray for?

  • Pray that the Lord would send us a young missionary couple trained in Bible and theology.
  • Pray that the Lord would call more national workers here in Vanuatu.
  • A Creation ministries team arrives June 10. They will speak in public schools and distribute 8,000 copies of the Christian devotional Explore the World. Pray that the Lord will use the team to strengthen the faith of believers and open the eyes of teachers and students who have not yet come to faith.
  • Pray for the next 11 week term at Joy Bible Institute beginning June 3.
  • Pray and consider increasing your monthly support. We are about $2,000 short of our monthly expenses.
  • Pray for our daughter that the Lord will accomplish His purposes in and through her life.
  • Pray for Jeremy as he finishes high school here with us.

Thank you for your partnership in this Great Commission ministry!

AGWMLogo_DigitalMapVV2 Vanuatu Target.png
Gary and Lori Ellison have been serving as Assemblies of God missionaries since 1982, training pastors in Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific. Gary serves as the principal of Joy Bible Institute of Vanuatu. In addition to teaching and coordinating various projects, Lori translates Christian literature into Bislama.
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