Parlez-vous français ?

Did you know there are several island countries in the South Pacific which speak French? French is the official language of

  • New Caledonia
  • Wallis & Futuna
  • French Polynesia

And it is even one of the three official languages of Vanuatu!

Over the years, the Assemblies of God of New Caledonia have invited us to minister at different occasions such as their 50th Anniversary in 2015 and a pastors’ seminar in 2016 (see above photo). It has always been a great joy to be able to share with these brothers.

In February this year, they officially asked us to consider opening a French section of study at Joy Bible Institute to train pastors for the country of New Caledonia. What an amazing opportunity to help train the next generation of pastors for other nearby nations. We said, “OUI!”





In September, I translated for visiting Pastors Christophe Kalo (left, Missions Director for the Assemblies of God of New Caledonia) and Yvon Déa (right, Superintendent)

In March 2020, Joy Bible Institute will open its doors to French-speaking students from New Caledonia and any other French-speaking Pacific country.

We said, “OUI,” and now we need to be ready! In order to have these two programs running simultaneously on campus, we will need theological books in French for the library, two more classrooms and additional student housing.

The reality of this amazing opportunity was fully displayed in chapel at JBI when visiting New Caledonia AG Superintendent, Rev. Yvon Dea, preached in French and Gary translated for him! It was a wonderful glimpse into the very near future of Joy Bible Institute.

Will you help us be ready to welcome French-speaking students to JBI in 2020? You can give here.

Merci beaucoup !

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