Mission House Update


The weather has been great and we have made much progress on the mission house. I thought I should post some pictures to give you a look. The foundation was very time-consuming and labor intensive and the rainy weather did not help. The weather cleared and on the 5th of August the ready mix cement trucks were able to get up the hill and we poured the floor slab. Since then we have doing the block work and the electrical conduits. It is really starting to look like a house and the kids have already claimed their bedrooms! We have about 4 more months of hard work before we can move in.

pouring slabslab finished

walls going upside view

The carport (below) is really coming along. There is no other garage on campus so we will not only have a place for our car but also for the old campus pick-up truck. The room in the back will be of dual purpose as a workshop and a storage for the literature we produce & distribute. The corrugated metal roofing has been ordered and should be installed this next week.

front corner of house and carportcarport

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