“I love the work that Gary and Lori Ellison are doing in Vanuatu, equipping pastors at Joy Bible Institute.  Whenever they came to the churches I pastored, they did a great job communicating the Word and connecting the congregation with the mission of God.  I highly recommend them!”

Rev. Greg Allison
Treasurer and Business Administrator (Former pastor of Franklin Park Church, Indianapolis, Indiana)
Indiana District Assemblies of God

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Gary and Lori to anyone who is open to the leading of the Lord for Missions. I have known and supported these precious servants for the many years that they have served together throughout the world. It was again our great pleasure to have them share in our missions service on Sunday, February 5th, 2017.

“As always, they come well prepared to share about the ministry that God has captured them to complete. In addition, Gary blessed our congregation with his exposition of the Word. We have received a warm response from the church concerning their ministry. Gary and Lori set a true standard for missionary service and have my sincere respect and support!”

Pastor Bill McKee
Senior Pastor, First Assembly of God, Bedford, Indiana

“I have know missionary Gary Ellison for 38 years and Lori his wife for almost that long. These saints are amazing ministers of God and would be a major blessing to your church or organization. Gary is an absolutely great preacher and musician.”

Pastor Keith Conley
Harvest Assembly of God, Lakeland, Florida

“We enjoyed having the Ellisons share with us during a recent Sunday night service. They joined us in worship and then shared with us about the work they’re doing in Vanuatu. It was exciting to hear about how God is moving at Joy Bible Institute and the difference it’s making on the islands of Vanuatu. We encourage other churches to invite the Ellisons to share about their effective and growing ministry.”

Pastor Eugene & Jennie Martin
Lighthouse Assembly of God, Decatur, Indiana

“What a blessing the Ellisons were to our church family when they last visited the church here in Medaryville. Not only did they share what God is doing in Vanuatu, the entire family was a great blessing to the local church here. Brother Gary is an anointed preacher of the Word. His ministry from the Book of Romans that day had a tremendous impact on our lives, and I can wholeheartedly encourage your participation with them in the work of the Lord.”

Pastor Thomas Dewlen
Medaryville Assembly of God, Medaryville, Indiana

“I would highly encourage you to have Gary Ellison share with your congregation his heart for missions. Gary’s resume includes years of proven and effective missionary ministry. He has a great passion, calling and gifting for missions…Gary will stir a great sense of urgency and revelation in the hearts of your people!”

Pastor James Clark
Calvary Assembly of God, DeMotte, Indiana

“I’m writing this letter to recommend Gary and Lori Ellison. Gary and I were college classmates, and have been friends for the past four decades. Gary and Lori are gifted missionaries and come from a missionary lineage. Gary has spoken in our church and he gave one of the best missions sermons I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

“If you are looking for a gifted communicator who can encourage and challenge your congregation I highly recommend the Ellison’s. They have also stayed in our home and let say they are a pleasure to spend time with.

“I give my whole hearted and highest recommendation for Gary and Lori Ellison, they will bless your congregation.”

Pastor Tommy Winstead
Abundant Life, Stafford, Virginia

“I am honored to recommend Gary Ellison and his family for your consideration in speaking at your church.  Gary is so interesting to listen to as he describes the calling, work, and personal stories of their ministry throughout Vanuatu.  Besides giving a great narrative, he is compassionate and very articulate.  His heritage, coming from a missions family himself, and his wide experiences working in other countries of the world besides Vanuatu, give him a great background to draw from in expressing the need to our churches.

“Besides Gary, his wife, Lori, and their two children, Jeremy and Jasmine, are just as much fun to talk with.  They are each sold out to the calling of their husband and father, and can articulate wonderful stories of involvement, sacrifice, and triumphs.  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our extended time around the table talking with them and delving deeper into their work and experiences.  Any one of the four would be a great speaker to adults, youth, small groups, and children!

“I HIGHLY recommend them to your church.  The longer you give them to speak, the greater the blessing to your church.”

Pastor David Snodderly
Souls Harbor Assembly of God, Auburn, Indiana

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