New STL Vehicle

P1150073We got our new Speed The Light vehicle, a Chevrolet Captiva on Christmas Eve! Thank you to all the young people across Indiana who will be giving money in 2011 to pay for our car. What a wonderful gift!

Thank You STL!

Class with new media equipment Just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to the young people, especially of Indiana, for their giving to the “Speed the Light” fund. We recently received funds for an overhead projector, a video projector and a photocopier. This is Lori’s Biblical Archaeology and Geography class posing with some of the equipment which enabled them to see photos and artifacts from faraway Biblical lands.

Speed the Light

We were just recently asked how important our STL “Speed the Light” vehicle was to our work. The answer is, “It is ESSENTIAL!”

When we moved to Vanuatu, we were over a month without a car. The day to day trips to the Post Office, the bank, the grocery store, and the many other errands were time-consuming and tiring without a car but they were possible. We walked many miles during those weeks, rode the bus and once in a while took a taxi. The whole time we were dreaming of the day we would have our own car again!

What was harder during those weeks, was riding the bus to church and ministry to places out of town was impossible! We got rides in the back of a pickup truck to some of our first out of town services but you can imagine how limited we were as to where we could go and what we could do!


The roads around the island of Efate are very rough and even in town, turning off the main road in the rainy season can often require using 4 wheel drive! The photo above was taken this morning as we drove to Fresh Wota, a church right in town! We are very grateful to the young people in Indiana who have raised the money to provide us with a car these many years! Thank you for giving us the wheels to go wherever needed!

Our car

After many weeks of walking and riding in buses, we were delighted to finally have our own vehicle. It is a used four-wheel drive Musso. We bought it from a Christian man and the license plate appropriately says “Jesus Loves You”.