Married Dorm Update

Within a few days the married dorm building may stop for a while as we have run out of funds. I wanted to show you what has happened recently and how much progress has been made. Students arrive for classes March 8th and we really want to have this finished for 3 married couples. We have no other campus housing for married students.

Avia plastering the back wallporch

All the interior and exterior walls are being plastered.

Room with private bathroom - right side

This is one of the studio rooms. Private bath through door on the left.


The sky was really this blue today!! Gorgeous! NEED MONEY FOR METAL ROOF!

Front of buildingrear of building

Photo (left) is the front porch of the building and on the right is the rearview.

Married dorm behind chapel

The married dorm sits behind the JBI Chapel. Pray with us that funds will come in to finish it quickly!

Thank you for making your tax deductible contribution here.

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