GiveWay App – A new way to partner with us!

Some friends have written a cool new app called GiveWay to help you financially support missionaries with your “loose change.” When you make a purchase, the amount is rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is given to the missionaries or missions agency that you have designated. You set the parameters and the limits. Plus, it works with Android and iPhone.

1. Choose one of five AG ministries.
2. If you chose AGWM, you can add a missionary.
3. Click +Add Missionary
4. Type the missionary’s name, like Ellison!
5. You can add another missionary or organization, or just click Submit.
6. This explain the next step: Credit/Debit Card Registration
7. Select your bank.
8. Enter your details.

That’s it! That’s just one more way that you can partner with us or other Assemblies of God missionaries or Assemblies of God missions agencies. Thank you!

Thank You Peter & Brenda!

Peter & 3rd Yr Class100_2119


We were so pleased to have Peter and Brenda Jones, from Australia, with us during the first term of classes at JBI. Peter came to teach English, Study Skills, and Church and Its Mission. Brenda took on the task of re-organizing all the library books after the new shelves were installed. She sewed curtains for dorm rooms and sorted through a neglected storage area, discovering both unexpected treasures and junk.

We really appreciate their willingness to come over and help us at JBI. God Bless!

Chapel Roof Repairs

A big THANK YOU to friends at Bendigo AOG church for financing the repairs on the JBI chapel verandah roof. The metal roofing, the ceiling plywood and water damaged beams have all been replaced. The repairs should be finished tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!



PC124435It is always such an encouragement when someone writes and says they are coming to Vanuatu for a holiday and would like to help out on campus for a day! Last week the Gregson family from Australia did just that. They came and joyfully did some very dirty cleanup jobs and maintenance at JBI for us. We enjoyed meeting them and cannot thank them enough for their help when they could have been sightseeing or swimming at the beach! Blessings!

Soaring prices!


Today Gary was working on some financial reports concerning expenditures from the beginning of this year. While figuring out the exchange rate between the US dollar and our local currency, we realized that the dollar has steadily dropped in value this year while grocery prices get staggeringly higher! I started making homemade mayonnaise this week as the mayonnaise in the store is now selling for 1650 vatu a jar which is US$18.96! That is only a 32oz jar by the way! I know it is unbelievable, that is why we took a photo of it!

In the midst of these challenging economic times, we are ever so grateful to the faithful support of so many! Thank you!

Walk For Joy!

Recently, Pastor Randy Blankenship of New Life Church, Kokomo, Indiana (USA) phoned and said he had been praying about how he could help raise money for the much needed classroom building at Joy Bible Institute. He said he felt like God had given him an idea that morning while he was walking and wanted to tell us about it.

You can imagine our surprise when he told us of his intention to ask people for pledges and to “Walk for Joy” the whole length of the state of Indiana, from Jeffersonville to South Bend, a total of 250 miles (400km)! If enough people supported him at $1 per mile, he could raise the money needed to build our building!

Pastor Randy Blankenship We have never had anyone willing to sacrifice 10 days of their busy life to consecrate solely on raising money for us or one of our mission projects and we are still amazed by his willingness!

So if you don’t want to walk, would you be willing to support someone who else who is willing to do something crazy to further the ministry of Joy Bible Institute in Vanuatu?

You can contact us through this website or go on Facebook to the Walk For Joy page and make a pledge there. Pastor Randy wants to start walking on October 18, 2010 so he wants to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Speed the Light

We were just recently asked how important our STL “Speed the Light” vehicle was to our work. The answer is, “It is ESSENTIAL!”

When we moved to Vanuatu, we were over a month without a car. The day to day trips to the Post Office, the bank, the grocery store, and the many other errands were time-consuming and tiring without a car but they were possible. We walked many miles during those weeks, rode the bus and once in a while took a taxi. The whole time we were dreaming of the day we would have our own car again!

What was harder during those weeks, was riding the bus to church and ministry to places out of town was impossible! We got rides in the back of a pickup truck to some of our first out of town services but you can imagine how limited we were as to where we could go and what we could do!


The roads around the island of Efate are very rough and even in town, turning off the main road in the rainy season can often require using 4 wheel drive! The photo above was taken this morning as we drove to Fresh Wota, a church right in town! We are very grateful to the young people in Indiana who have raised the money to provide us with a car these many years! Thank you for giving us the wheels to go wherever needed!


to all the churches that partnered with us in 2007. You are listed on our new PARTNERS page. Thank you for allowing us to serve with you in the great task of discipling the nations! We are also grateful to the many individuals who sacrificed to join us in this great mission. May God bless you all!