Married Dorm Progress

I have borrowed a camera as my “less than a year old” camera has gone back to the manufacturer as it is not working properly. A month ago, I talked to the guys on Friday and told them to pray because we would have to shut down the project in a couple of days if we did not receive any money.


We were so blessed to receive a couple of offerings which really helped us to continue. I am happy to report that the metal roof is now completely on and some of the plumbing and electrical wiring is being installed. Peter is also putting tile in the bathrooms.

Pastor Mendar (below) who is helping us out for a couple more weeks, is recouping leftover lumber and building 3 bed frames and built-in closets for each room. Which leaves us just having to buy mattresses. He has been such a blessing!


We are out of funds (again) but have made great progress. We basically need windows, 6 doors, plumbing fixtures and money for workers wages.

The new JBI school term starts March 4th and if funds are available, we hope to have this building finished very soon. All gifts welcome.

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