So far…

Old kitchen new extended outdoor kitchen 

On Tuesday July 29, the old outdoor kitchen (photo on left) was demolished and work began on a larger concrete floor, partial walls and new roof (photo above right). By Friday, August 8, the guys had made great progress and the new kitchen was taking shape. This week classes resumed at JBI and the students are back in the classroom and construction work has slowed. We have most of the materials on hand to finish the project except for current work site expensive trusses and metal roofing. I stopped at a hardware store today and discovered that they had one color of tile on sale and it was exactly what we wanted for the sink area! We paid a third of what tile normally costs! PTL! Building supplies are not normally on sale here so this was such a great encouragement! If you would like to contribute to the roof materials, the project number is 5619. Thank you.

Walls Going Up

The walls are going up in the new outdoor kitchen area. The crew was busy laying block today. We are making good progress – just wish we had another week before the next school term starts. Next Tuesday the students will be back in class and the work will continue part-time. We have changed our minds on some of the materials we were going to use, mainly the wooden posts and beams. Since we discovered that the termite damage has spread from the old kitchen roof to the attached main cafeteria building, we do not want to use wood in the new kitchen roof. Our tropical termites are voracious and we would rather not entice them with another free meal! It is going to cost us more but we would like to raise the extra funds and use metal beams with the metal roofing instead. Thank you for your support!

Pastor Robert (on left) inspecting the work

Pouring the Floor

Today we had nice weather to pour the new cement floor. Just seeing the area cleared and the floor going in is so exciting! In a few weeks the students will have a new cooking area! Second year JBI student, Cedrick has joined the work crew. Here are a few photos from this morning’s activities.

Jimmy and Clovis Mixing cement

Work crew Jimmy

Roof Demolition

Today the guys dismantled the old iron roofing over the outside cooking area. The structure was not very safe as many of the wooden beams were termite-eaten and the wood under the eaves was quite hollow in places! Once the area is cleared we can begin the new concrete floor and wall.

Cafeteria iron roof Jimmy

Job pulling off the iron roofing Major termite damage

Cedrick, Clovis and Job Straddling the shaky structure!

These posts had no foundation The best piece of wood on the whole roof!

First Day Demolition

The guys got off to a great start! When I got over to school today, they had already demolished the old bread oven and surprise, there was no concrete floor under it! They will tear out the whole area and begin to rebuild. We appreciate your support with this project!

Jimmy and Clovis demolition crew!

Outdoor Kitchen

Classes are out for two weeks and it is time to tackle the school kitchen problem. We really need a whole new cafeteria and kitchen building but we do not have the funds at this time. So we will begin with a new outdoor cooking area, a more modern version of what is locally known as a “bush kitchen” and eventually we hope to attach a whole new cafeteria to it!

Old outside cooking area Old oven

Students cooking on an open fireThe photos above show the roofed in area where students were preparing and cooking meals. The concrete “oven” at one time was used to bake bread but the interior is rusted out and has not been used for many years. Students have been cooking meals on an open fire on the ground. This situation has led to several problems, too much smoke in nearby residences and classrooms, a continuous search for firewood and a growing rodent problem.



Firewood Food storage

The photo above is of the kitchen woodpile which is directly across (right photo) from the storage cupboards for the root vegetables that are often donated to the school cafeteria. As you can see only a small part of the area has a concrete floor and it becomes very muddy when it rains.

At this point, we are planning to build a new concrete side wall, a larger concrete floor, a built-in concrete barbecue and cooking area, and an outdoor sink. We have designed a small roof and chimney above the cooking area to capture the smoke and hopefully direct it away from the nearby houses. Job and two other students, Jimmy and Clovis, are going to spend their vacation tearing down this area and building the new structures.

Kitchen roofdoor to inside kitchen 

Original cupboards from 1980 missing their doors new chest freezer in corner, school refrig but no stove In the future we would like to renovate the inside kitchen which has the remains of the original cupboards from 1980! The whole building is in disrepair but a closed in ceiling, fresh paint, new kitchen cupboards and a gas stove would really help!

We are so grateful to Faith Assembly, Orlando, for purchasing the new chest freezer for the kitchen. Thank you so much! All gifts, great and small, are so appreciated! The project number is still 5619!

Busy Week

Alick and Roy digging

It has been a busy week at Joy Bible Institute. The students have finished their mid-term exams and the teachers are busy grading them and organizing the last remaining weeks of the school term. Several students are needing financial assistance to enable them to pay off their school bills and this is a prayer concern for them. This afternoon though the students were out of class and back working on the foundation of the new campus guest house. This means a lot of hard physical labor and some fun along the way.

Guest House Project

Pastor Edgell, JBI principal, had already started the foundation for a small campus guesthouse when we arrived last year. This project is advancing as funds come in mainly through local donations. Some of the teachers and students are working on it every Saturday. Thought you might enjoy seeing them at work yesterday!

Cement crew Pastor Nixon Supervisor

Pastor Philip Pastor Edgell

House Renovation Continues…

termite eaten porch The last time I stood on the wooden back porch of the old mission house, the wood underneath my feet gave way . . . Gary grabbed my arm and I grabbed the railing as the plank fell 10 feet below me. I had just been saying that the wooden porch urgently needed to be demolished before someone got hurt . . .

The ground floor of this former mission house is now the new school library. On April 4th, the new library will be officially dedicated and opened. Thank you so much to everyone, churches and individuals alike, who helped finance the library renovation project. We have received a generous offering to buy the 30 library chairs that we needed. The students are still praying for three computers.

The top floor of the mission house is now needingstudent our immediate attention. It is to become the new girl’s dorm and needs be finished to receive the girls in May when the second term starts.

One of our second year girl students lives on the nearby island of Ifira. Every morning she has to leave home at 5 a.m. to catch a small motorboat to Port Vila. Then she walks a mile to JBI arriving in time for her 7 a.m. class. Every week, she asks me when the new dorm will be finished because though she is committed to coming to Bible school, she is finding the travel to and from school exhausting!

porch removedAs you can see from this recent photo, the termite eaten wooden back porch has been removed and a smaller one needs to be constructed.

Inside, one of the 2 bathrooms is being renovated, an old bathtub removed and a new shower and new sink is being installed. The house needs some other repairs before the girls can live in it. We have NO funds on hand to finish the girl’s dorm renovation. To open, we will also need 4 bunk beds, 8 mattresses, sitting area furniture and 8 desks and chairs. We estimate that about $9000 will be needed to complete this dorm.

Will you please us help finish the renovation on the new girl’s dorm?

Please send all donations to AGWM and designate them for project 5619. Thank you for your continued support.

Library floor is being tiled

I couldn’t help myself, just had to give you another update on the progress of the new library in what used to be called “the dungeon” downstairs of the old house. Well, it is just looking great and I get excited every day when I see it! Job, Nabang and Toto have been very busy tiling the floor and everything is coming together nicely. We are racing the calendar hoping to have everything ready for when the students arrive on February 11th. What a great surprise it will be for them!

Nabang and Toto

We have ordered some simple wooden furniture to be made by a local carpenter, but we do not have the funds for these desks, bookshelves or chairs. Since the school has not had a library room for many years, there is not even old furniture to move into this new room!

We need funds and we appreciate your prayers about that but also for the workers who do not know Christ, that they will find Him during their time on our school campus.

Here yesterday, gone today!

The last ten days have been both exciting and challenging! We have found a short-term solution for our school library while we await a new campus building! Half of the downstairs of the old mission house was gutted these past two days. By the time school starts in February, we hope to finally unpack the library books currently in storage and provide JBI students with study space too! We are just so excited about having permission to use this building for several very urgent campus needs! Eventually, the old mission house will have to undergo other repairs and the termite infected second floor will have to be demolished and rebuilt, but the ground floor is concrete and structurally sound.

YESTERDAY the downstairs space looked like this . . .

Old downstairs office

BY NOON, it looked like this . . .

 Job removing masonite walls


Open space 

Everybody on campus has been up to give a hand in clearing out the space! Everyone is just so excited at the thought of having a library again! We have some funds for this renovation but not enough to complete it nor to provide some basic library furnishings, like shelves, chairs and small study desks. On February 11, in exactly ONE month, school will start and this room needs to be a finished library! If you have considered helping us with one of the renovation projects, we would appreciate your financial help with this one! Click here to give online. Thanks so very much!

Laundry improvements

JimmyThe veranda outside the boy’s bathroom is currently getting a facelift. This is where the male students hand wash their clothes. On the right, is a photo of Jimmy, a first year JBI student, working on the new partial wall which is going up on the veranda to accommodate two new washtubs and counters.

The photo below shows the two original washtub sinks which sit parallel to the new wall. I missed getting a Laundry sinks beforegood “before” photo of the sagging plywood shelves which the students used as counters. The guys were so eager to get started that everything was torn out in record time! When this project is finished there will be a total of four sinks for washing clothes, new tiled counters and the unfinished walls will be plastered.

Thank you for your support in financing these projects. We have several more urgent renovation projects which need to be completed before school starts the beginning of February. Your gifts are very much appreciated.

Project #5619

We are delighted to inform you that on December 11th the AGWM Executive approved our request to raise $200,000 to build a new library and classroom building and renovate several existing buildings on the Joy Bible Institute campus. Now all donations can be specifically and easily designated for this endeavor by using the special project number 5619. Thank you for your support in this major campus transformation!

Joy Memorial Chapel

Bathroom progress

The renovation work on the men’s bathroom is just looking great! Here is Gary inspecting the newly laid wall tile and sinks! Compare the before photos (previously posted campus renovations) with today’s … and you can see how much progress we are making. Thank you for your continued support to renovating the JBI campus!PC090007

Gary and Job (JBI student and talented renovator) posing in front of the men’s bathroom building. The front wall of this building had never been plastered so Job has plastered it and it will be painted too.


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