Married Dorm Wish List

Flowers 367You know how when people are going to get married they go and look at lovely things in a store and sign up on the gift registry?

Well, I have a married dorm building which is not yet finished and looking quite undone at this moment. Classes start on March 8th and I need the rooms ready by then for married students. The leap of faith to finish this building started in November and has been moving along until the bottom of the building fund account has now appeared!

So I thought I would put out my Married Dorm Wish List and if anyone would like to gift us any of these things items, well, that would be just wonderful!!

Married Dorm Wish List

3 toilets @ $200 each ($600)

3 sinks @ $120 each ($360)

1 Cement laundry sink @ $150

3 double mattresses @ $150 each ($450)

6 chairs @ $20 each ($120)

3 small tables @ $50 each ($150)

Plumbing fixtures @ $500 total

Bathroom tile – not priced at this time but we have to tile cement walls.


You can make an online donation here or send a check to our US account labeled project 5619.

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