Breaking Ground


We have broken ground and the new classroom building site has been leveled! This happened while JBI students were on their Easter break so everyone was excited when they got back to campus to see the progress! The old classroom cannot be used during the work so the 2nd and 3rd year students are now meeting in the living room of a campus apartment. It is a bit of a squeeze for them but we are hoping that funds will continue to come in so the new building can be finished as soon as possible.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project! If you made a “Walk For Joy” pledge last year, you can send your donation any time, it is never too late!

Wonderful New Kitchen

Job and LoriThe night before we flew out to go on furlough, the new JBI student kitchen was completed. This would have never been possible if several very generous donations had not been given and if Job (‘09 JBI grad) had not been willing to come back to Port Vila and spend a couple of weeks finishing the construction. The students were so excited to start cooking in this new space! A sincere thank you to all who helped to make this new kitchen possible!

It’s Time For Sunday School

We are so thankful for LFTL funds which enable us to provide many different kinds of printed materials for evangelism and new converts. Last year we were also able to purchase 200 Sunday School teachers books (a book of 60 great lessons) from the AG of the Philippines in English. English is spoken here but our goal is to eventually translate this curriculum into Bislama so it can be easily understood and used by all. So far the feedback from teachers is excellent.

We have now given every book away and I am still getting phone calls from pastors on outer islands wanting copies for their church. I thought you might enjoy seeing some Sunday School teachers in action today at Evangel Temple. This is a town church but it has no special classrooms for Sunday School activities. Every class finds a corner of the sanctuary or outside to gather. What I was glad to see was the teachers using the new curriculum and everyone enjoying themselves.

 SS Supt teaching the littlest onesJunior class

Jeremy's class Two grown PKs teaching

Kitchen: Almost Finished

Thank you! We have the new roof installed on the student kitchen and paid for! Thank you so much to everyone who responded to our request for $7,400 on May 13th. Only a $1,000 more is needed to completely pay for this new kitchen.

New white metal roof on JBI kitchenNew JBI student kitchen

Gary is standing on the hill above the kitchen which gives a good view of the new metal kitchen roof (and the rusty cafeteria roof in the background). The new cement floor was poured since the photo above right. The finishing touches on plumbing, electrical wiring and the chimney are the only things remaining to be done! Thank you so much to everyone who has given sacrificially over the months to complete this new kitchen for the Bible school students!

Kitchen Progress

JBI Kitchen roof

Job has been busy ever since his arrival in town, assisted by two JBI students, Cedrick and Clovis. Here they are getting the beams up so that the iron roofing can be installed. We need US$7400.00 to cover the timber already purchased and the remaining roofing materials, chimney, concrete floor and labor.  Gifts should be labeled project #5619 so they are directed to our JBI construction fund. Thank you for your generous support in this project.

Kitchen To Be Finished!

What happened – the JBI kitchen renovation is not finished? Well, Job, our JBI student and talented construction worker graduated last year and went home to his island. We ran short of funds and could not find anyone reliable to continue the work. But the new JBI school kitchen must be finished before we leave for furlough in June!

P5020002 Job graciously agreed to come back to town and got on a small cargo boat and travelled 14 hours to Port Vila last weekend. This week he and two JBI students have been working. So we have the workers, now we need some more funds!

We need to purchase wood for trusses, iron sheet roofing, cement for the new floor, rain gutters and a custom aluminum chimney. This can no longer be delayed as the students need the kitchen and we will be leaving for a year! Thank you for any size gift you can send to help us finish off the new JBI kitchen! Project #5619.

Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel

Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel first editionWe are not quite sure when the last Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel was printed – the last one may date to before Independence 28 years ago, when it was called The New Hebridean Pentecostal Evangel, edited by my father.

Many months ago, our AG missionary colleague Bryan Webb expressed a desire to see this important outreach tool revived. Bryan and I worked together on the articles via email since the Webbs live 200 miles north of us on the island of Santo. Though the English title may fool you, this Evangel is entirely in Bislama, our national trade language. We hope to print two issues a year as funds permit.

On Friday the first copies of the Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel came off the press and were already distributed in some churches this Sunday morning.  Copies for the outer islands will have to wait for inter-island ships to take them to the many islands of Vanuatu. Pray as these magazines go out and touch hearts with the Gospel.

Kitchen Progress

Job planning the tile work I thought you might like to see the progress that has been made on the new student kitchen. Though we do not have the funds yet to do the chimney and roof, we are finishing the sink and cooking area. JBI students, Job and Alick are working a few hours each afternoon and it is looking wonderful! The students are really looking forward to the day when they can move in and use it!


Job finishing the sink counter tileAlick sanding the cement work 

Roof Needed

Cooking in the kitchen shack

We were making good progress on our new kitchen project but funds have run low and we still need the chimney, trusses and iron roofing materials.

The students are really anxious to move into the new kitchen as they are currently cooking in a shack behind the classroom building. You can only imagine how unsatisfactory that situation is for everyone New kitchen needs roofconcerned. In the above photo, second year student Jean Paul is busy cutting Chinese cabbage and watching the kettle boil on the open fire.

We would really appreciate your help to get this new kitchen finished. The photo on the left shows the walls standing waiting for a roof! Thank you for helping with project 5619!



Genesis Course and Library Work

Margaret working in the libraryMaurice teaching in the chapel 

We are so happy to have our Australian friends, Maurice and Margaret Nicholson, with us for two weeks. Maurice is teaching a two week block course on Genesis 1-11 to thirty students at JBI. The students are enjoying his class so much and are beginning to have a clearer understanding of God’s creation and plan for mankind. Margaret is very busy cataloguing our school library! She is facing a huge job as all of the books need to be catalogued in the Dewey Decimal system! Already she has processed a couple of hundreds books. Only thing missing, are the funds to buy at least one computer for the library so the book catalogue can be searched and accessed by the teachers and students. At this point, we do not even know how many books are in the library!

So far…

Old kitchen new extended outdoor kitchen 

On Tuesday July 29, the old outdoor kitchen (photo on left) was demolished and work began on a larger concrete floor, partial walls and new roof (photo above right). By Friday, August 8, the guys had made great progress and the new kitchen was taking shape. This week classes resumed at JBI and the students are back in the classroom and construction work has slowed. We have most of the materials on hand to finish the project except for current work site expensive trusses and metal roofing. I stopped at a hardware store today and discovered that they had one color of tile on sale and it was exactly what we wanted for the sink area! We paid a third of what tile normally costs! PTL! Building supplies are not normally on sale here so this was such a great encouragement! If you would like to contribute to the roof materials, the project number is 5619. Thank you.

Roofing Materials to Repair Futuna AG

In February we wrote about Hurricane Gene which had devastated the small southern island of Futuna. Thanks to AG World Relief we quickly had money in hand to send emergency food supplies on the first ship going to Futuna after the disaster. Futuna is a small island and the inter-island ships only stop there a few times each year. Ever since February we have been waiting for the next ship headed to Futuna to send more supplies. This morning I was able to put 19 sheets of metal roofing on the MV Southern Star leaving for Futuna tonight. This roofing is to help repair the damaged AG church. We needed 44 sheets of metal roofing but I only had funds on hand to purchase 19 sheets. I want to thank local business Vate Industries, for a great price on the 19 sheets! If you would like to assist us in providing some or all of the remaining roofing, please email us. About US$2,200 will finish the job!

MV Southern Star loading to go to Futuna, metal roofing in foreground

Walls Going Up

The walls are going up in the new outdoor kitchen area. The crew was busy laying block today. We are making good progress – just wish we had another week before the next school term starts. Next Tuesday the students will be back in class and the work will continue part-time. We have changed our minds on some of the materials we were going to use, mainly the wooden posts and beams. Since we discovered that the termite damage has spread from the old kitchen roof to the attached main cafeteria building, we do not want to use wood in the new kitchen roof. Our tropical termites are voracious and we would rather not entice them with another free meal! It is going to cost us more but we would like to raise the extra funds and use metal beams with the metal roofing instead. Thank you for your support!

Pastor Robert (on left) inspecting the work

Pouring the Floor

Today we had nice weather to pour the new cement floor. Just seeing the area cleared and the floor going in is so exciting! In a few weeks the students will have a new cooking area! Second year JBI student, Cedrick has joined the work crew. Here are a few photos from this morning’s activities.

Jimmy and Clovis Mixing cement

Work crew Jimmy

Roof Demolition

Today the guys dismantled the old iron roofing over the outside cooking area. The structure was not very safe as many of the wooden beams were termite-eaten and the wood under the eaves was quite hollow in places! Once the area is cleared we can begin the new concrete floor and wall.

Cafeteria iron roof Jimmy

Job pulling off the iron roofing Major termite damage

Cedrick, Clovis and Job Straddling the shaky structure!

These posts had no foundation The best piece of wood on the whole roof!