Kitchen To Be Finished!

What happened – the JBI kitchen renovation is not finished? Well, Job, our JBI student and talented construction worker graduated last year and went home to his island. We ran short of funds and could not find anyone reliable to continue the work. But the new JBI school kitchen must be finished before we leave for furlough in June!

P5020002 Job graciously agreed to come back to town and got on a small cargo boat and travelled 14 hours to Port Vila last weekend. This week he and two JBI students have been working. So we have the workers, now we need some more funds!

We need to purchase wood for trusses, iron sheet roofing, cement for the new floor, rain gutters and a custom aluminum chimney. This can no longer be delayed as the students need the kitchen and we will be leaving for a year! Thank you for any size gift you can send to help us finish off the new JBI kitchen! Project #5619.

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