Roofing Materials to Repair Futuna AG

In February we wrote about Hurricane Gene which had devastated the small southern island of Futuna. Thanks to AG World Relief we quickly had money in hand to send emergency food supplies on the first ship going to Futuna after the disaster. Futuna is a small island and the inter-island ships only stop there a few times each year. Ever since February we have been waiting for the next ship headed to Futuna to send more supplies. This morning I was able to put 19 sheets of metal roofing on the MV Southern Star leaving for Futuna tonight. This roofing is to help repair the damaged AG church. We needed 44 sheets of metal roofing but I only had funds on hand to purchase 19 sheets. I want to thank local business Vate Industries, for a great price on the 19 sheets! If you would like to assist us in providing some or all of the remaining roofing, please email us. About US$2,200 will finish the job!

MV Southern Star loading to go to Futuna, metal roofing in foreground

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