Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel

Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel first editionWe are not quite sure when the last Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel was printed – the last one may date to before Independence 28 years ago, when it was called The New Hebridean Pentecostal Evangel, edited by my father.

Many months ago, our AG missionary colleague Bryan Webb expressed a desire to see this important outreach tool revived. Bryan and I worked together on the articles via email since the Webbs live 200 miles north of us on the island of Santo. Though the English title may fool you, this Evangel is entirely in Bislama, our national trade language. We hope to print two issues a year as funds permit.

On Friday the first copies of the Vanuatu Pentecostal Evangel came off the press and were already distributed in some churches this Sunday morning.  Copies for the outer islands will have to wait for inter-island ships to take them to the many islands of Vanuatu. Pray as these magazines go out and touch hearts with the Gospel.

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  1. For some reason or another, I had missed reading your blogs for some time. However, I have now caught up. Blessings to you and your family. Esther and Timo

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