Ellison familyIt was just a year ago that we started this blog. Thank you to everyone who has browsed our site and sent encouraging comments. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and we have not been able to update our activities as usual. Lori has been at the computer producing two magazines, one in French and one in Bislama, 3 new tracts in Bislama, and she is still writing or translating a couple more things. We were blessed with some LFTL funds and are happy to be able to produce some new materials.

We are preparing to leave for the northern island of Malekula. We are both speaking at a youth camp, this is a real camp with sleeping bags and mosquito nets. There is an epidemic of dengue fever and the nets are essential at this point. Please pray for us as we finish are preparations to go and anointing for the ministry ahead.

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