The last three months have been very busy with many extra hours each day spent in front of the computer, writing, editing, and designing new literature. I have completed another issue of Famille Heureuse, a Christian family magazine in French, a new Christian life outreach magazine in Bislama, and designed several new Gospel tracts in Bislama. At the same time funds were made available for us to order Sunday school curriculum from the Assemblies of God in the Philippines and English tracts from the US. Literature arriving

I have learned after seven years of producing Famille Heureuse magazine that during the editorial phase I need people praying because whatever can go wrong, will go wrong! Usually, it is perfectly fine equipment which stops working or starts doing crazy things but this latest FH issue brought some startling challenges! The night before the final magazine layouts were to be sent to the printers, the lady who had done the final layouts had her house hit by lightning! Her computer was zapped along with our finished magazine! Eventually, some pages were recovered from the hard disk but I had to completely redo the final editorial work! Her computer was melted beyond repair and thankfully her home insurance bought her a new one!

After all the hours and technical problems, the best part is just starting – the magazines are rolling off the press and the literature is arriving ready to be distributed! That is the wonderful thing about literature, it gets into the hands and homes of people I will never meet! And that is why I keep creating new magazines and tracts!

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