Mission Trip to Torba Province

The most northerly islands of Vanuatu are the Torres and Banks islands, commonly known as the Torba Province. JBI students have been praying and preparing for months to go to Torba on their 2008 mission trip. They have shared their vision with churches and raised the funds to cover their trip expenses.

Yesterday, eleven JBI students boarded a small inter-island cargo ship headed for the island of Espiritu Santo. They should arrive this evening in Santo and stay at Calvary Assembly for weekend ministry. On Monday the group will fly to the Banks where they will begin two weeks of ministry and speedboat travel.  They plan to visit churches and minister on the islands of Gaua, Vanua Lava, Mota Lava and Mota. Please pray for their safety and God’s anointing as they travel and minister over the next two weeks.

Interisland cargo ship, Tina, headed to Santo Waiting while the last minute cargo is loaded

Half of the student team ready to get onboard

Students riding on ship cargo deck

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