Severe Hurricane Damage on Futuna

Hurricane Gene did not come far enough north to cause damage here on Efate but it has caused great destruction on the small southern island of Futuna. We talked with Pastor Robert’s wife today and she told us that they had been in contact with family on Futuna yesterday. They are rejoicing that no one was killed but trees were uprooted and the crops devastated by high winds and torrential rains. The local houses did not withstand the winds either and only in a few areas were the houses spared. The Assemblies of God church is one of the buildings still standing.

We have heard that a ship may be headed to Futuna in a few days and we have asked for AG relief funds to buy rice and canned foods to send with it. Please pray for the people of Futuna as they begin to clean up after the terrible hurricane. Pray that our pastor and his congregation even during their own loss will be an example of compassion and encouragement to those around them.

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