Busy Days

In a week, classes will start again at Joy Bible Institute! We are excited to see the upperclassmen return and welcome the new young men and women who will be coming to start their studies. Until then, we are extremely busy getting Gary puts up the bannereverything ready for a new school year! Gary hung up the 2008 theme banner “Equipped to Serve” in the chapel today and stocked the new tract racks.

Pastor Philip, the kids and I unpacked the donated library books which have been in storage and we just had no idea HOW MANY books were in those boxes! I am afraid we are going to have to make more bookshelves before they all can be displayed in the new library! But that is a good problem! We are grateful to friends at Salt Lake Theological Seminary who sent us these used books!

Library books in storage

Books everywhere Tomorrow, we will be back sorting through the books, stamping them and getting them ready to be moved up the hill to the library. The library room is not quite finished but we hope to move in on Friday! Nabang and Marcel spent the day putting the grout on the new tile floor. Tomorrow, Pastor Nixon is coming to build the bookshelves. So many hands have contributed to getting this library finished within a month!

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