Hurricane Gene Moving Southwest

Hurricane Gene is taking its time moving through the southern islands of Vanuatu. We live on the island of Efate, which is on the southern edge of the central islands and just off the hurricane’s path. We have gotten periodic downpours of rain and gusting winds but nothing severe. Small inter-island ships are to remain at port and the sea is very rough. We are getting reports that the southern Vanuatu islands of Futuna and Aneityum have been directly hit. Houses have been destroyed by high winds and there is much flooding. The storm has not completely left our area so we are not sure what the final damage report will be. Hurricane Gene is a category 3 storm and seven people died when it passed through the Fiji islands several days ago. Please pray for the people living in the path of this storm. We have Assemblies of God works on Futuna and Aneityum.

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