Kitchen Progress

JBI Kitchen roof

Job has been busy ever since his arrival in town, assisted by two JBI students, Cedrick and Clovis. Here they are getting the beams up so that the iron roofing can be installed. We need US$7400.00 to cover the timber already purchased and the remaining roofing materials, chimney, concrete floor and labor.  Gifts should be labeled project #5619 so they are directed to our JBI construction fund. Thank you for your generous support in this project.

Kitchen Progress

Job planning the tile work I thought you might like to see the progress that has been made on the new student kitchen. Though we do not have the funds yet to do the chimney and roof, we are finishing the sink and cooking area. JBI students, Job and Alick are working a few hours each afternoon and it is looking wonderful! The students are really looking forward to the day when they can move in and use it!


Job finishing the sink counter tileAlick sanding the cement work 

Roof Needed

Cooking in the kitchen shack

We were making good progress on our new kitchen project but funds have run low and we still need the chimney, trusses and iron roofing materials.

The students are really anxious to move into the new kitchen as they are currently cooking in a shack behind the classroom building. You can only imagine how unsatisfactory that situation is for everyone New kitchen needs roofconcerned. In the above photo, second year student Jean Paul is busy cutting Chinese cabbage and watching the kettle boil on the open fire.

We would really appreciate your help to get this new kitchen finished. The photo on the left shows the walls standing waiting for a roof! Thank you for helping with project 5619!



So far…

Old kitchen new extended outdoor kitchen 

On Tuesday July 29, the old outdoor kitchen (photo on left) was demolished and work began on a larger concrete floor, partial walls and new roof (photo above right). By Friday, August 8, the guys had made great progress and the new kitchen was taking shape. This week classes resumed at JBI and the students are back in the classroom and construction work has slowed. We have most of the materials on hand to finish the project except for current work site expensive trusses and metal roofing. I stopped at a hardware store today and discovered that they had one color of tile on sale and it was exactly what we wanted for the sink area! We paid a third of what tile normally costs! PTL! Building supplies are not normally on sale here so this was such a great encouragement! If you would like to contribute to the roof materials, the project number is 5619. Thank you.

Walls Going Up

The walls are going up in the new outdoor kitchen area. The crew was busy laying block today. We are making good progress – just wish we had another week before the next school term starts. Next Tuesday the students will be back in class and the work will continue part-time. We have changed our minds on some of the materials we were going to use, mainly the wooden posts and beams. Since we discovered that the termite damage has spread from the old kitchen roof to the attached main cafeteria building, we do not want to use wood in the new kitchen roof. Our tropical termites are voracious and we would rather not entice them with another free meal! It is going to cost us more but we would like to raise the extra funds and use metal beams with the metal roofing instead. Thank you for your support!

Pastor Robert (on left) inspecting the work

Pouring the Floor

Today we had nice weather to pour the new cement floor. Just seeing the area cleared and the floor going in is so exciting! In a few weeks the students will have a new cooking area! Second year JBI student, Cedrick has joined the work crew. Here are a few photos from this morning’s activities.

Jimmy and Clovis Mixing cement

Work crew Jimmy

Roof Demolition

Today the guys dismantled the old iron roofing over the outside cooking area. The structure was not very safe as many of the wooden beams were termite-eaten and the wood under the eaves was quite hollow in places! Once the area is cleared we can begin the new concrete floor and wall.

Cafeteria iron roof Jimmy

Job pulling off the iron roofing Major termite damage

Cedrick, Clovis and Job Straddling the shaky structure!

These posts had no foundation The best piece of wood on the whole roof!

First Day Demolition

The guys got off to a great start! When I got over to school today, they had already demolished the old bread oven and surprise, there was no concrete floor under it! They will tear out the whole area and begin to rebuild. We appreciate your support with this project!

Jimmy and Clovis demolition crew!

Outdoor Kitchen

Classes are out for two weeks and it is time to tackle the school kitchen problem. We really need a whole new cafeteria and kitchen building but we do not have the funds at this time. So we will begin with a new outdoor cooking area, a more modern version of what is locally known as a “bush kitchen” and eventually we hope to attach a whole new cafeteria to it!

Old outside cooking area Old oven

Students cooking on an open fireThe photos above show the roofed in area where students were preparing and cooking meals. The concrete “oven” at one time was used to bake bread but the interior is rusted out and has not been used for many years. Students have been cooking meals on an open fire on the ground. This situation has led to several problems, too much smoke in nearby residences and classrooms, a continuous search for firewood and a growing rodent problem.



Firewood Food storage

The photo above is of the kitchen woodpile which is directly across (right photo) from the storage cupboards for the root vegetables that are often donated to the school cafeteria. As you can see only a small part of the area has a concrete floor and it becomes very muddy when it rains.

At this point, we are planning to build a new concrete side wall, a larger concrete floor, a built-in concrete barbecue and cooking area, and an outdoor sink. We have designed a small roof and chimney above the cooking area to capture the smoke and hopefully direct it away from the nearby houses. Job and two other students, Jimmy and Clovis, are going to spend their vacation tearing down this area and building the new structures.

Kitchen roofdoor to inside kitchen 

Original cupboards from 1980 missing their doors new chest freezer in corner, school refrig but no stove In the future we would like to renovate the inside kitchen which has the remains of the original cupboards from 1980! The whole building is in disrepair but a closed in ceiling, fresh paint, new kitchen cupboards and a gas stove would really help!

We are so grateful to Faith Assembly, Orlando, for purchasing the new chest freezer for the kitchen. Thank you so much! All gifts, great and small, are so appreciated! The project number is still 5619!

Thanks again!

RonetteLast Friday, we finished up the girl’s dorm back porch and laundry tub project. Second year student, Ronette, was busy washing her clothes today in the new wash tub sink. Traditionally, clothes are washed by hand and this is where the girl’s will wash their clothes.

Thank you so much to all who have given these last few months and helped us make these campus improvements.

The renovation work is not yet finished, a leak in chapel roof needs our immediate attention and then the school’s old kitchen will require some major remodeling. After that, we hope to be at the end of the urgent list!

Chapel Facelift

Joy Memorial Chapel has been getting a much needed facelift these last 10 days. Thanks to Australian colleagues Russell and Robyn and their visiting friends Colin and Val, who have put many hours into giving the chapel some new sparkle!  The interior has been repainted and today they were working on priming and repainting the old pews. Their next step will be to shampoo the carpet and possibly make a new simple communion table and pulpit. (We would still love to have a used communion set.) We are so grateful for their volunteer help which has enabled us to give the chapel some immediate attention.

Val and Colin at work

Finishing Touches

Cedrick and Hilton breaking groundEarly stages

We thought it was time to update you again on the girl’s dorm renovations. We have finished what we planned to do inside and the girls are thoroughly enjoying their house. Job and Toto have been working hard to finish the remaining outside jobs. The new back porch is finished and provides the girl’s with a second exit in case of an emergency. We were able to salvage some wooden steps and use them for the porch too. Under the porch, the guys are breaking ground for a small cement slab and an outdoor laundry tub. Breaking the solid coral rock manually has been a particularly difficult job. JBI students, Cedrick and Hilton gave it a good effort on Friday. Thank you to Living Hope Church, Merrillville, IN for their very generous offering which will enable us to complete this dorm renovation!

New back porchFinishing touches

Girls’ Dorm Ready

Dorm room

It was a very busy week as we all pitched in and finished the renovations and cleaned up the new girl’s dorm. The weather did not cooperate as torrential rains kept us inside and we were unable to finish the outside back porch. But the inside of the house is looking great with only a few more pieces of furniture needed to make it complete. The four new bunk beds and mattresses arrived and now we are just waiting for the girls!Mr. Clean

The guys are wishing they had new foam mattresses, too!

Thank you to Faith Assembly Orlando and Castlewood Canyon Church, Colorado, who have sent offerings for this project and several others who have promised funds to help with the remaining expenses. We are sometimes at a loss of words over your faithful partnership! Thank you so very much for the difference you are making at Joy Bible Institute!


Final touches on girl’s dorm

bathroom renovOne more week and the work on the girl’s dorm should be finished! Job and Toto have made great progress this week on the bathroom renovations. A ceramic tiled shower stall has replaced the old bathtub, two water damaged walls were torn out, and the rusty sink and old vanity were replaced.  It is just really exciting to be this close to finishing the repairs on the upper floor of the old mission house. The four bunk beds are made and this week we need funds to buy the mattresses. Thank you for your support of these ongoing campus renovations. A few thousand dollars can make such a big difference! We are on the countdown as the next school term starts on May 12th and the girls are ready to move in! We still need some furniture and to rebuild the back door porch.

Library Dedication

It’s official! The JBI Library was officially dedicated this afternoon. The school’s faculty, students and a few guests gathered to recognize the workers and pray God’s blessings on the churches, individuals and those of you who made it possible. The school choir sang “How Great Thou Art” right before the triple ribbon was cut by (right to left) JBI Principal Edgell Iolopua, Academic Dean J. Gary Ellison and Grounds Manager, Robert Laumai.Cutting the ribbon














Everyone took a grand tour of the room and tried out the new chairs and study carrels and browsed the bookshelves. The far side of the room has two computer desks and 3 study tables. We are now anxious for a librarian to come and re-catalogue the 2000 books for us!

10 study carrels Reference readingGoing in New books Thank youClovis and AlickHilton reading

Thank you so much to the churches and friends who responded so promptly and enabled us to finish the Joy Bible library and study room. Thank you to AGWM who also assisted us financially and approved the mission house change of use. This building not only provides the school with a new library but the Dean of Students with a nice apartment, and in a few weeks the upstairs will be the new girls’ dorm!