Library Dedication

It’s official! The JBI Library was officially dedicated this afternoon. The school’s faculty, students and a few guests gathered to recognize the workers and pray God’s blessings on the churches, individuals and those of you who made it possible. The school choir sang “How Great Thou Art” right before the triple ribbon was cut by (right to left) JBI Principal Edgell Iolopua, Academic Dean J. Gary Ellison and Grounds Manager, Robert Laumai.Cutting the ribbon














Everyone took a grand tour of the room and tried out the new chairs and study carrels and browsed the bookshelves. The far side of the room has two computer desks and 3 study tables. We are now anxious for a librarian to come and re-catalogue the 2000 books for us!

10 study carrels Reference readingGoing in New books Thank youClovis and AlickHilton reading

Thank you so much to the churches and friends who responded so promptly and enabled us to finish the Joy Bible library and study room. Thank you to AGWM who also assisted us financially and approved the mission house change of use. This building not only provides the school with a new library but the Dean of Students with a nice apartment, and in a few weeks the upstairs will be the new girls’ dorm!

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