Finishing Touches

Cedrick and Hilton breaking groundEarly stages

We thought it was time to update you again on the girl’s dorm renovations. We have finished what we planned to do inside and the girls are thoroughly enjoying their house. Job and Toto have been working hard to finish the remaining outside jobs. The new back porch is finished and provides the girl’s with a second exit in case of an emergency. We were able to salvage some wooden steps and use them for the porch too. Under the porch, the guys are breaking ground for a small cement slab and an outdoor laundry tub. Breaking the solid coral rock manually has been a particularly difficult job. JBI students, Cedrick and Hilton gave it a good effort on Friday. Thank you to Living Hope Church, Merrillville, IN for their very generous offering which will enable us to complete this dorm renovation!

New back porchFinishing touches

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