Sunday at Evangel Temple

JBI Ministry TeamWe went to Evangel Temple Assembly of God this morning to hear one of our JBI student ministry teams. The guys are from five different islands in Vanuatu (pictured left to right) Cedrick from Santo, Job from Ambrym, Tom from Tanna, Clovis from PA190017Mota and Norman from Paama. It was a wonderful service. Cedrick, a second year student preached and many came to the altar for prayer afterwards. An offering was taken to help with the JBI student mission trip planned to the northern Banks islands in November.

During the greeting time I turned around and saw people whom I recognized but could not believe would ever be in Vanuatu. I was astounded to see old family friends, Alex and Janet. They have come to Vanuatu to work with an NGO. We are just delighted to have them in country!

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