Sundays at JBI

Gary preachingOn Sundays, the JBI campus is a busy place. At 8:30 a.m., an English-speaking church, Family Worship Center, meets in the chapel. This church was started in the 1980’s by former missionaries, Frank and Karla Beardsley. The church continues to reach out to English-speaking people from several different countries. This past Sunday, Gary had the privilege JBI Chapel on Sundaysof sharing the Word.

As soon as the English service is dismissed, the people move out under the big mango tree for fellowship because at 10 a.m., a French-speaking AG church meets in the JBI chapel. This work started less than 10 years ago and is led by a pastor from New Caledonia. The congregation is made up of French-speaking Ni-Vanuatu nationals. Vanuatu has three official languages; New Caledonia pastor and familyBislama, English, French, plus over one hundred national languages.

So even on Sundays, when JBI students are involved in practical ministry elsewhere, the JBI facilities are put to good use by two different groups of believers.

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