Marriage Seminar for Pastors

Thank you to those of you who were praying for us concerning the marriage seminar we led on Saturday at JBI. We had such a busy week with many extra commitments, unexpected visits and car troubles that by Friday night we were not feeling as prepared for the next day’s seminar as we had planned to be. But the Lord knew all about that and greatly helped us.

The seminar was sponsored by the AG Shefa district for couples in ministry. We entitled it “Together in Marriage, Together in Ministry” and 35 pastors and wives attended. One pastor and his wife had to walk three hours down to the main road to catch transportation into town. It is humbling when people make this kind of effort to attend. We had a great time sharing with them about God’s plan for marriage and ministry. Please pray for each couple as they go back to their homes and churches around the island of Efate.

Pastor's wives Pastors at seminar Gary speaking Participants

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