Walk For Joy!

Recently, Pastor Randy Blankenship of New Life Church, Kokomo, Indiana (USA) phoned and said he had been praying about how he could help raise money for the much needed classroom building at Joy Bible Institute. He said he felt like God had given him an idea that morning while he was walking and wanted to tell us about it.

You can imagine our surprise when he told us of his intention to ask people for pledges and to “Walk for Joy” the whole length of the state of Indiana, from Jeffersonville to South Bend, a total of 250 miles (400km)! If enough people supported him at $1 per mile, he could raise the money needed to build our building!

Pastor Randy Blankenship We have never had anyone willing to sacrifice 10 days of their busy life to consecrate solely on raising money for us or one of our mission projects and we are still amazed by his willingness!

So if you don’t want to walk, would you be willing to support someone who else who is willing to do something crazy to further the ministry of Joy Bible Institute in Vanuatu?

You can contact us through this website or go on Facebook to the Walk For Joy page and make a pledge there. Pastor Randy wants to start walking on October 18, 2010 so he wants to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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