Married Couples, A Land Opportunity

Dad Killingbeck and Gary on the site of our future married quarters!

Several of our married students leave their wives behind on distant islands for as long as nine months each year while they are in Bible school. The married quarters that we finished last year have enabled us to house three married couples. The studios have been a tremendous blessing, but we do not have enough room to accommodate all our married students. Last year we had 8 couples on a waiting list for 3 apartments available on campus. We can only expand our married housing by moving it off campus.

We have been looking for several years for a piece of land within a quick walk of JBI to build inexpensive married student studios on…we have found it!

Will you please help us?

US$25,000 will purchase this flat 1/3 acre lot which is a mile from the JBI campus. Click the link below to give to this project. Thank you!

Project 5619 – Land

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