JBI Graduation 2013

PB243282On Sunday afternoon, November 24, 2013, we gathered at Evangel Temple to celebrate the graduation of six wonderful people. The church filled with family and friends until many were sitting outside on the lawn by the open windows. Everyone got excited when the graduates and students marched down the aisle and the special service began.

Rev. Maurice Nicholson, visiting lecturer was the main speaker. Student Body President John Iaruel spoke on behalf of the graduating class.


Students lining up to march in.


Gen. Supt. Rev. Youen Atnelo, (above) welcoming everyone.


JBI Principal J. Gary Ellison (left) and Class Speaker John Iaruel (right).


JBI Faculty: Rev. Philip Naias and Rev. Kiel Maimai (photos above).



Vaily graduating after three years of study (above left).


Pastors praying the grads (left) and Rev. Maurice Nicholson preaching (right).


Pastor Willie David Saul, who has been a great supporter of JBI through the years by sending and supporting many students, closed the service with prayer.

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