Bislama New Testaments Coming…

NT containerIn 2009, when we printed the Gospel of John in Bislama, we immediately began seeking permission to print a new edition of the New Testament in Bislama. Neither one had been available for many years, though Bislama is the language of choice for the majority of rural people in Vanuatu. This project has been a series of unforeseen obstacles and unexpected delays. There have been days when I have wondered if I would ever see these Scriptures in my hand!

You can imagine my excitement when this photo arrived today showing the container finally being packed in Asia with the new edition of the New Testament in Bislama! 5000 copies are for us! The container was shipped on February 21 and is on its way. Thank you LFTL partners because you provided the funds for these New Testaments to be printed! Can hardly wait for them to arrive…will keep you posted!

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