Campus Improvements

retaining wall JBI


Small projects around the new JBI classroom building have continued. On one side of the classroom building, a new retaining wall was built to stop erosion and flooding from the hillside above. Pastor Peter Avock ‘07 JBI Grad, returned for a few weeks to build it.

Fijian friendThe final coat of paint is now on the new classroom building. A team of young people from the country of Fiji have been on a mission trip to Vanuatu and surprised us with an offer to do some practical work. So they came for several mornings and painted for us! The stone retaining wall along the front was painstakingly built by the JBI students. And though there is some more landscaping to do, we are almost done!

2012 JBI Classroom

2 Replies to “Campus Improvements”

  1. It has been a little over a year since I was there with you all. I hope that the electrical work, I did, has been completed and that there were no problems.
    A lot has taken place in my life in just these few short months. I wish you all well, and thank you for your friendship and hospitality.
    Rick Stoops

    1. Hello! Nice to hear from you! The electricity and everything else is working fine on the new building! It made school so different this year, truly the center of campus activity! You are welcome anytime! Blessings, lori

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