General Conference on Tanna

The President of Vanuatu opening speech

On Saturday August 25, we flew to the island of Tanna for the AG General Conference. The conference opened on Sunday with a parade of delegates and a brass band marching through the town of Lenakel. The week of services was held by the soccer field in the center of town. Different groups set up food stalls and served meals all day long for the attendees.

The President of Vanuatu, His Excellency Iolu Johnson Abbil, flew to Tanna to be at the Sunday opening service and presented Medals of General Service to senior pastors and lay church leaders who have faithfully served the Assemblies of God since its early years in Vanuatu. It was very moving to see so many old friends cross the platform to receive their medal.

Those honored:Rev. Situ

Chief Lava Niplaui

Rev. Tari Masanga

Rev. Tom Ierongen

Rev. Willie Naias

Rev. J. Kamanalagi

Rev. Nausien Iakopien

Rev. Bob Koapa

Rev. Am TuprikRev. Willie Naias

Rev. Raymond Clay

Rev. Hopkins Keith Sawon

Rev. Situ Meiri

Rev. David Willie Saul

Rev. Rene Meltetamath

Rev. Dick Joel Peter

Rev. Youen Atnelo

There were some potentially divisive issues expected at this conference and many of you had been praying. Our prayers were answered as the conference was a wonderful time of healing and encouragement. The guest speaker from Fiji, Rev. Moses Cakau, had a timely word from the Lord each morning and evening. The altars filled with people seeking more of God.

Women's morning meetingSupt. Y. Atnelo & Rev. M. Cakau

(left) The Conference women met together on Monday and Tuesday. Lori spoke at both meetings. (right) AG Vanuatu Supt. Rev. Youen Atnelo and guest speaker, Rev. Moses Cakau, from Fiji.

Altar timeB. Webb translating for M. Cakau

(left) Prayer time at altar. (right) Missionary Bryan Webb interpreting for speaker Rev. Moses Cakau.

Gary speakingdelegates at morning lectures

Thursday morning Gary spoke on “Discipleship” to an attentive group of pastors and delegates.

JBI boothOrdination of Alick Keith

(left) A shed served as the JBI booth at the conference. We sold Bibles, books and handed out applications to potential students. (right) JBI 2008 graduate, Pastor Alick Keith was ordained during conference and several JBI grads received credentials. Alick pastors on the island of Epi and ministers to secondary school students.


Flying home to Port Vila!

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