A Great Local Team

It was a tremendous boost to our construction project to have two construction teams come from the USA in 2011. New Life Church of Kokomo, Indiana, and Life Church, Fishers, Indiana, laid all the block walls and then a few months later, Lafayette First from Lafayette, Indiana, put on the trusses, roof and inside ceilings. There have been many local people who worked on the building as well. Our contractor, Ben Saul and his workman, Morres, actually worked from start to finish with me. Other local skilled construction workers came and worked during different phases of the building project. As we neared the opening date, February 24, 2012, skilled JBI grads, teachers and current students all pitched in to get things done! Here are some photos of the final days of work.

MorresContractor Ben Saul

Photos above: Morres painting and Ben installing the louvre glass windows.

Photos below: Job, 2008 JBI grad plastering & Pastor Kiel, JBI teacher. They worked hard to plaster the remaining exterior walls. Even working on scaffolding through a rainstorm!

Job Dalili, 2008 JBI gradPastor Kiel Maimai, JBI teacherPastor Peter Avock, 2007 JBI grad and tile layerJBI students helping








Photos above: JBI students helping around the building site and (right) Pastor Peter Avock, 2007 JBI grad, laid all the ceramic tile on the floors and in the bathrooms.

Photos below: Workers unloading cement bags and carrying in the new classroom furniture.

Classroom furniture deliveryLocal workers

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