Final Stage of Classroom Construction

Floor tile on hand!We are so thankful to have the funds to complete our new classroom building at JBI, thank you so much to ActioNow and everyone who sent in end-of-the-year donations! December was very hectic as we juggled the little money-on-hand, bought what we needed and took time to celebrate Christmas. In early December, we desperately needed cement and none was available in the country! This is one of the complications of living on an island and depending on imported goods. So construction stopped! Then right before Christmas, the very first load of cement to come off the docks was delivered to us! (Thank you Carpenter hardware!) This delay, unfortunately put us a couple of weeks behind schedule as the walls should have been plastered before Christmas and not after! At this point, we have scoured the few local hardware stores and have purchased all the plumbing and tiling supplies needed. The classroom chairs and desks have been ordered from Australia – the first shipment is already on its way by boat and the customs duty exemption paperwork in hand!

PlasteringBen plastering

Next, we need more skilled workers to come and join Ben and Morris in finishing the building…Christmas holidays can really be dragged out here and it is hard to regain momentum. Classes resume at JBI on February 14th and we plan to dedicate the building and move in! Thank for praying for Lori and the work crew as they finish this much-needed building!

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