Campus Transformations

As I mentioned in a previous post, the ladies from New Life Church in Kokomo, Indiana, did so many wonderful transformations around campus. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of their handiwork. First of all, the back room of the chapel had been used for quite sometime as a storage area but we had wanted to see it cleaned out and used as a prayer room. Well, it was transformed from a dingy room to a lovely prayer retreat.

Planning the transformationJenni scraping the floor

Marilyn paintingJoy the seamstressDesign TeamNew Prayer Room

Next they tackled Gary’s new office. The stark white walls and bright blue trim were repainted in cream and brown. The girls moved all his office furniture and bookshelves from his old office to the new one. This was such an unexpected and welcomed surprise! We have been so busy since taking over in January that we have not had time to do these things! The campus pastor’s office and Gary’s former office were also painted and fixed up! Thanks so much ladies, you made quite a difference on campus!!

Marilyn setting up Gary's new officeJenni and Emily arranging the bookshelves

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