Arrived Safely!

Flowers 367We arrived safely in Port Vila on Saturday, December 11th after 29 hours traveling time! We were worn out but very happy to be back on Vanuatu soil. It was really great to go to church on Sunday and be with friends. Wherever we go we are shaking hands with people happily surprised to see us back.

News does travel fast on an island. Sunday after church we were walking home and met a man who attends another AG church in another part of town. He was not surprised when I told him that we had just gotten back the day before. “Oh, I know” he said, “It was announced today that missionary (Gary) is preaching at our church next Sunday!” Gary did not know that but it is always good to have a few days’ warning!

We are really feeling the hot summer weather after leaving the cold winter temperatures of North America behind only a few days ago! At this point the  hot weather is bearable but not yet enjoyable.

We have several challenges in the days ahead. We are looking for an affordable vehicle in an expensive and limited consumer market. We rented a house in November but have arrived to find out that it is needing some work and the landlord intends to paint the inside but is not sure when. We, on the other hand, have already paid rent and expected to move in right away. Christmas is only eleven days away and we want to make it a special day for our children.

Thank you for praying for us as we work through this transition time. We do not yet have Internet service but look forward to reading your emails very soon. Snail mail is always welcome, too!

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