Ladies’ Meetings

I just got back tonight from speaking to a group of ladies at Pango village. We had a very good service and I enjoyed being with them. Three young women came forward at the end of the message.

Last Wednesday I spoke for the Shefa province WM combined meeting where several hundred women were gathered. The planned speaker cancelled so I was asked a couple days beforehand to take her place. This is not easy to do with my teaching schedule at the Bible School and homeschooling our own children.

The WM combined meeting takes place three times a year and brings together women from our AG churches all around the island of Efate. The church was packed and ladies were sitting in the adjacent prayer room listening and on mats at both doorways. Many responded to the altar call. After service the national WM leader told me that I had just preached the opening theme for an upcoming national WM convention scheduled for later in the year. Please pray for our Christian ladies, that they will be true salt and light! Their faith or lack thereof so greatly affects their homes and children. Vanuatu is facing growing social challenges, escalating crime in urban areas, growing delinquency and unemployment. We have the answer, so pray that our Christian women will step out and speak up!

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