Latest Famille Heureuse Magazine

Friday morning the airlines called to say my shipment had arrived. That was good news! We have been waiting for our latest issue of Famille Heureuse (French for “Happy Family”) magazine to arrive from the Famille heureuse 2009-01printer in New Caledonia. After strenuous weeks of editorial work is it always a wonderful feeling to see the magazine printed and being handed out.

Four thousand copies of this free evangelism magazine have already been distributed in New Caledonia, the rest will be distributed in Vanuatu, Wallis and Tahiti. This latest issue deals with building strong marriage relationships, finding grace when things are not perfect and hope when relationships have been torn apart by affairs. We know the subject is timely in our island cultures. I was delighted on my way into the grocery store today to see the magazine tucked into a women’s purse!

Please pray that God will use this issue to begin a healing process in the heart’s of those who read it and thank you for giving to LFTL (Light For The Lost) which generously supports this project.

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