Graduation Banquet

Job, Andrick and ElvisIt is that time of the year again when we prepare to say good-bye to graduating JBI third year students. The day after final exams, the first and second year students and faculty wives cook and prepare a wonderful feast of foods: stews, curries, taros, sweet potatoes, salads, lap lap and roasted pig to serve to the graduates and their guests. A short program of songs, gift-giving and skits takes place during the mealtime.

The school also thanked Mrs. Margaret Nicholson for coming back for a month and cataloguing all of the library books. Rev. Aeron Morgan, our JBI graduation speaker was also present and warmly welcomed by Principal Edgell Iolopua.

Roz and the serversClovis and Roy carving the roast pig  Dean of Students Philip Naias and wife Sarah, receiving gifts from Elivis Dinner time!

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