Three Students Needing Scholarships

JBI Chapel

Almost all of our JBI students are at school by faith. The school has a policy that students must pay their school bills before they are allowed to take final exams at the end of each term. Recently, three students have been on my heart and I would like to present them to you.

  1. R. is a young lady who comes from a broken home and was raised by her grandparents. Her family grows vegetables to sell at the local market. A few years ago, R. met the Lord and her life was completely changed. Her family has not supported her conversion. R. loves the Lord and two years ago felt God calling her to come to Bible School. She enrolled at JBI and is now in her second year. Coming to Bible school has not been easy because she has no steady income. She comes to school every day on the bus from her village. Every afternoon she returns home to work in her gardens raising vegetables which her grandmother sells to buy food and help pay for R’s schooling. This hardworking young lady also cooks and sells food to help pay her school bill. Unfortunately, all this time spent working in the fields prevents her from having quality study time. Recently, she asked me to pray with her that God would lay it on someone’s heart to help her financially so she could come and stay on campus next term. We would love to see R. get a scholarship and move in to the girl’s dorm for the next term starting August 10th. $450 would pay for tuition, room, board and books for this young lady’s next school term. 
  2. JP pastored an Assemblies of God church on a northern island in Vanuatu before coming to Bible School. For many years he longed to come to Joy Bible Institute for training but his church was not able to sponsor him. Last year he stepped out in faith and came to Bible school anyway. His wife and children are still living on their home island while JP is at school. This separation is very difficult as JP only gets home once a year. JP does not have regular sponsorship and we feel like there can be no better recipient of a scholarship than one of our young pastors. $450 would also fully support JP for this next school term.
  3. J. is another married pastor currently attending at JBI without his family. J. pastors a village church on a large island in northern Vanuatu. His family has remained at home and are also living by faith while he attends Bible school. $450 would also cover J’s expenses for this next school term. A one time gift of $450 or full year scholarship (3x$450) would be such a blessing to any one of these dedicated students. 

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