Pastors’ Conference – North Tanna


On June 4th, Gary took an hour flight south to the island of Tanna to speak at the Tafea Pastor’s Conference. After landing at the Lenakel airport on the SW coast, he joined a group of pastors for the 3 hour motor boat trip to the northern tip of the island. Pastor Am Tuprik and the people of North Gate village were their hosts for the next five days. There were 16 people and their luggage loaded in the small motorboat probably suited for 9 passengers. As they went along the coast, Christians on shore flagged them down and loaded yams and other produce into the boat for the conference. The boat got so low in the water of the sometimes choppy sea that finally, half of the passengers transferred to a second motor boat (photo above). Everyone arrived safely by sea. Other pastors walked several hours on inland trails to attend the five day conference. The photo below right shows the pastors who attended. One of the participants was John Nako, who graduated from JBI in November 2007 and is now working with Pastor Johnny Lava on the island of Tanna. The rest of the story to follow…

North Tanna coastlinePastors attending    Teaching sessions

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