Mother’s Day

Sister LilyLadies choir

Men's choirIn Vanuatu there are two dates this year to celebrate Mother’s Day, May 11th and May 25th.

May 11th is the “American” date and May 25th follows the French European tradition. This dual holiday calendar is left over from colonial days when Vanuatu was a condominium ruled jointly by both the British and the French.

“We Care” church honored their mothers today. The church was decorated in red and white and all the ladies were wearing red and white dresses too. Sister Lily (photo upper left) is the women’s ministries president at the church.

All ages of women were involved in the special service. A grandmother and a young mother both shared short messages and several gave testimonies. The missionettes performed a moving skit which brought tears to many eyes. Several choirs sang including the men’s fellowship and the Sunday School children. After service refreshments were served in the church yard.

Children's choirskit

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