WM Meeting on Ifira Island

Tonight the WM ladies met near the wharf and took small boats across the channel to Ifira Island for the first Women’s Ministries (WMC) combined service of 2008.  What a wonderful evening we had together, worshipping, listening to choirs, testimonies and the preaching of the Word. One lady testified to the difficult marital problems she and her children had experienced until her husband was sent to prison. She said that in prison her husband found the Lord and brought the Lord back home when he was released! When the next choir got ready to sing, a smiling man came up with a guitar to accompany them and simply said “I am the man she was talking about.” The applause was spontaneous as the ladies thanked the Lord for changing this family’s life.

Ifira ladies singing Having tea after service

After service we enjoyed a cup of tea before heading back down to the beach to catch a small motor boat back across the channel. You can imagine the laughter and fun as a hundred or more women got into small overloaded boats and crossed the ocean channel in total darkness!

Ifira WM's serving refreshments Going home

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