Final Touches

The final touches are being put on the renovated bathroom and laundry facilities. The guys were busy painting today now that the rain has stopped and the walls have had a couple of days to dry out. Everything is looking so good and we are getting excited to welcome the students back in a couple of weeks for the new school year.

Building almost finished

The exterior of the bathroom building was painted today – this building which was built 27 years ago was left unfinished, the exterior was never plastered nor painted. Now the whole interior bathroom has been redone and the laundry facilities extended.

New laundry painted

New laundry wallsThe above photo was taken today of Job and Junior (hidden under the counter) busy painting the new laundry facility. This was built on what used to be an old porch on the side of the bathroom building. Little Jojo and Johnny are watching. To the left, I have inserted the photo of Jeremy along that wall in the early phases of construction! What a difference!

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