Crossing to Ifira

This past Sunday we got in a small motor boat and crossed the Port Vila harbor to Ifira Island. This small island is the home of some one thousand people. It is a quiet, clean, well-kept place with no cars, sitting in a busy harbor and only accessible by small motor boat. Pastor Karl was waiting for us at the beach to walk us up to the church because this was our first visit there.

Arriving at Ifira by boat

 Pastor Karl 

It was a special Sunday morning as the new church board and various ministry department leaders were being installed. Gary was the guest speaker. I wish I had more photos to show you but I did not have the right memory chip in the digital camera and then the camera was not working right either! The church was packed out and we had a wonderful service. Afterwards, a delicious dinner was served. When I was a teenager, the Assemblies of God did not have a church on Ifira yet. The Ifira believers would boat over to a mainland point and have services. Pray for Pastor Karl and his wife as they reach out to the people of Ifira!

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