Needed: Used communion sets

communion set Some have asked what small projects can they assist us with. Joy Bible Institute is in need of many smaller items like chairs, whiteboards, silverware, kitchen appliances and book shelves. But even these items can be very expensive in Vanuatu. There is something else very practical that is needed at the school and by many of our local churches and that is communion sets. We do not need brand new ones but maybe your church has an old set sitting in a cupboard that is no longer used. We would be very happy to receive them and give them out to our local churches. If you have a communion set that you would like to donate, please email us. All you need to do is, wrap it well, put it in a sturdy cardboard box and mail it to us here in Vanuatu. Be sure and write “gift” on the green customs label and designate as of no commercial value. Thank you for asking.

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