JBI Graduation

Sunday, November 4th was graduation day at Joy Bible Institute. Seven young men and one lady graduated after three years of study at Joy Bible Institute. The graduation service is held at Evangel Temple because the school chapel is too small to hold the crowd. This year Evangel Temple was full to overflowing with so many friends and family attending. Here are a few photos of the big day!

JBI Graduation 2007-11-39

JBI students line up to march in for graduation ceremonies.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-35

Gary, the Academic Dean, finishes last minute paperwork.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-70

Graduation service at Evangel Temple.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-78

Miss Olive Tau, senior class speaker. JBI Principal and National AG Superintendent, Rev. Edgell Iolopua, sits at far right.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-127

Academic Dean, J. Gary Ellison, congratulating Peter Avock.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-138

Moving the tassel!

JBI Graduation 2007-11-147

Praying for the graduates.

JBI Graduation 2007-11-177

Congratulations and a few goodbye tears!

Roz and Lori

Roz and Lori after graduation. After all the planning, they are relieved that everything went so well! Roz, is the wife of JBI Principal Edgell Iolopua. She is the school office manager and accountant.

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